Friday 14 May 2021
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An entrepreneur at 23

Coming up with a great business idea that generates an income is difficult, especially for new entrepreneurs that try to penetrate into the Namibian market.

With a market that’s already filled with a multitude of various business minded people that are all after a similar goals, to make a profit, grow their businesses and build the economy entrepreneurship is no child’s play.

As a life full of pressure, obstructions and continuous long hours of work among other things are definitely guaranteed.

However for 23 year old Ndafika Munyama, piercing into the Namibian market has proved to be worth it as her business Natures Crop, which focuses on selling 100 percent natural products such as herbal toothpaste, Aloe Vera and lemon grass is steadily growing.
Of recent Munyama has introduced a new product line, ‘Coco-1’ which is an extra virgin coconut oil to her business. Coconut oil is considered widely as the most versatile health food because it is used by many as a cooking oil, natural medicine and beauty treatment.

The oil also stimulates hair growth, improves digestion, boosts metabolism, aids in fat loss around the abdominal cavity as well as reduces the risk of bacterial infections on the skin,

It is usually extracted from coconut trees which is known as ‘The tree of life’ in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia to name but a few.


In an interview, Munyama told The Lounge that as an individual who wants to contribute to the growth of the Namibian economy becoming an entrepreneur was her way of making sure she would achieve it.

“I saw an opportunity to fill a niche which had not yet been entirely exploited in Namibia and seized it”.
It has however not been a smooth sail for Munyama because as a young entrepreneur she has stumbled across various hurdles.

“Like most businesses founded by people we all tend to go through difficulties, my main challenge has been capitalization of my projects because I import the products from Asia.”

Despite the challenge of lack of finance that she faces, entrepreneurship has not disheartened Munyama who continues to keep pushing her coconut business as she is certain that the business has the potential to boom in no time.

Through her business Munyama aims to promote entrepreneurship whilst creating employment in Namibia someday which is one of her core values as an entrepreneur because she has over the years noticed that there is a huge gap when it comes to the availability of jobs in the country.


“I believe as an entrepreneur I play an active role in enlivening the dreams of young people because most of them look up to various well established business moguls and hopefully one day when I reach the pinnacle of success I will give back to the community.”

She further explained that coconut oil she sells is sourced from Thailand because the country is known for some of its most premium quality coconut oil in the world that is 100 percent natural.

She highlighted that currently the coconut oil bottles are sold in quantities of 200ml and 500ml. prices range from N$100- N$130 and N$220-N$250 respectively.

Munyama in the near future plans to change the mind-sets of Namibian people that will foster a culture that is conscientious about the products that are consumed in terms of health, wellbeing and support of fellow Namibians to build a healthy and prosperous nation.
Munyama explained that getting into business is not an easy task more especially for her who conducts hers internationally. She however encouraged existing or potential entrepreneurs to go ahead and not be afraid as there is nothing wrong with trying.

“Register your businesses, get all the necessary documentation and most importantly do a lot of research on the products you intend to sell or the market you want to break into as that is vital to any success of a business.”

In addition she added that passion and drive are equally as important.


Munyama urged the public at large to support small start-up businesses like that of her own because in return it will not only benefit her but fellow Namibians as well.

If you are a young entrepreneur that has been contemplating on whether to start a business or not the answer is ‘Go ahead’ you’ll never know until you give it your best shot. The possibilities of you building a great brand in the future in endless.

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