Friday 14 May 2021
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What a Time to be Young

We live in an era where being young makes you feel like you have committed some deadly sin, an era where being young is attached to any sort of mediocricy and an era where being young makes you doubt your capabilities and want to give up on your dreams.

I am a young person living in a world that gives me so many reasons to hate being young. They say keep your head up but every time I try to lift my head I’m dragged to look down on myself, my capabilities and my blessings.

Let me ask you one thing; what picture came to your mind when you read the second paragraph? Who did you see in that paragraph? The picture that came to my mind when I was writing that was very saddening. I saw three people all dragging me down differently.

Firstly I saw a leader pulling me so low with the ‘you lack the skills that I want’ words. But how do I gain the skills if you the so called “LEADER” do not give me the platform to become who you want me to become?

Secondly, I saw a fellow young person, in the same situation as I am but is afraid to become the best version of themselves and rather chose to settle for less. This fellow young person is trying to cover me in her suffocating blanket of “you’ll become over qualified; you’ll lose out on opportunities”.

Thirdly, I saw another fellow young person trying so hard to break what I have built.

Isn’t it sad how difficult it is to sail through this “youth life”? Honestly I just feel that the time when opportunities for young people were rich as summer wine is over, and many of us are going to continue struggling to get a solid grip on the first rung of the job ladder if we do not stand together and do something for ourselves.

However, my question is that are there really no opportunities or are our elders really just denying us the opportunities to reserve them to those that they know because to be young and employed in this age, one of the following two things has to happen: either you know someone or you get extremely lucky to find a job.

We are so doomed. No matter how you look at it, young people are the single most disadvantaged group in the country. It doesn’t matter if you score a Distinction or a Pass, what truly matters is whom you know to get that job. This is an era that rewards mediocrity, while the educated and talented go to waste, and the connected sail through life without any hurdles.

It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not, you are doomed to be a youth in Namibia. Youth empowerment my foot! My quest with fellow young people is to hold hands and help each other grow. Tearing one another apart doesn’t help it will just worsen our situation. Let us help each other fly instead of clip each other’s wings.

After all, I am just a young Namibian who loves my country so much and would love to play my part without fear or guilt!

We (young people) are an array of so much more…


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