Sunday 18 April 2021
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Top 5 Songs shortlisted for ‘My Namibia Song’ competition

Five songs have been shortlisted for the ‘My Namibia Song’ competition that was launched by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture last year.

The competition was organised to boost national identity, pride and nation building as well as to evoke feelings of patriotism and national pride. Entrants were required to compose and produce a song in English under the theme ‘My Namibia, My Country, My Pride’ and titled ‘My Namibia’.

The competition was open to all Namibians and ran for a period of one month, receiving a total of 141 song submissions. After the competition closed, a panel of independent judges was selected by the ‘My Namibia Song’ Technical Committee.

The song will not replace the national anthem and will be less formal and more jovial. The song will complement the national anthem in arousing feelings of patriotism and unity and will not be compulsory for official ceremonies.

The winner of the competition will be awarded N$ 50 000 and royalties.

Speaking during the official launch of the shortlisted songs, Minister of ICT Tjekero Tweya called on the nation to partake in the voting. “I am happy to be launching these shortlisted five songs to the public so that the public can vote for the best song,” he said.

All the five shortlisted songs have been given unique short codes and the public will vote anonomously. “We do not want the focus to be on the people who produced the songs, but rather on the songs themselves.

We want a national song therefore the public has to vote for a song that speaks to them,” affirmed the Campaigns Manager at Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Shasimana Uugulu.

The public vote will make up 50% while the judges will retain 50%. The shortlisted songs will be played on NBC television and on all its radio stations in order to reach all the citizens.

The public can vote by sending the unique short code of their favourite song to 33033. The SMS cost NAD 3.

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