Thursday 15 April 2021
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Swakopmund in one day

Spending the day between sandy beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean seems like a great plan for relaxation. Having only 24 hours to make the most of your stay in Swakopmund would appear impossible, however it is attainable.

Peering through the windows of a moving vehicle on a 352 kilometre road from Windhoek to Swakopmund definitely makes for great sightseeing whether you are a regular or first time traveller.With the road passing through Okahandja, Karibib, Usakos and Arandis one is enthralled by the wide open spaces offering an exciting and stunning view of grazing animals, flea markets, road side barbershops against the backdrop of the beautiful Namibian mountains. A scenic trip packed with surprise and delight to the town is well worth it.

You know you have arrived in Swakopmund when the cold windy breeze hits your face. The smell of the sea with all your senses coming alive and foggy mists clogging your nose makes for an exceptional welcoming experience.

The town has lots to offer from outdoor activities to great food and a great night scene. Packed with surprises, here’s what you can do for 24 hours in Swakopmund before calling it a night.

Are you into open-air activities ? Well, thrilling adventures await as the town presents a buffet of choices from fishing, kayaking, sandboarding, skydiving, horse and quad bike riding through the town’s desert dunes – all for a reasonable price.

Swakopmund, situated in the Namib Desert offers its visitors the chance to ride camels, which is one of the activities that stands out the most for tourists. If you haven’t already ticked camel riding off your bucket list next time you’re in Swakopmund, make sure to pass by Desert Explorers which offer these rides which can be found just before the Swakop river bridge en-route to Walvis Bay.

Most tourists flock there – some just to get a glimpse and others to ride on these nomadic desert animals. The Lounge, when presented with the opportunity took it with both hands and both feet. An experience of a lifetime indeed.

The camel rides last for thirty minutes as you meander between sand dunes in awe and completely astonished at how beautiful, graceful and strong the animals are. Both dromedary (one-humped) camels and Bactrian (two-humped) camels among a caravan of various other camels are housed at Desert Explorers.

“The camels are well looked after and are also well fed.  At the end of every day they are returned to their caravans” explained one of the Desert Explorer guides named Rauha.

With this introductory experience to the coast, the fun does not stop here. The frigid air with your body trying to maintain its energy levels will have you feeling hungry instantaneously. But Swakopmund delivers excellently on this score. The town presents an expansive platter of culinary delights ranging from old school vintage ice cream stalls, road side food caravans as well as posh restaurant areas catering for a variety of dietary needs.

The ‘Village Café’ is one of the most delightful places in the town with its vintage flare. Most travellers flock to eat at the cafe because of its brightly coloured walls and friendly staff who are ever so welcoming.

The café offers a simple menu with delicatessen is always packed to capacity and is said to be the most outstanding diner for breakfast and lunch outings.

“It is tranquil and absolutely cute plus the food is always good, this is definitely a must go to place” explained Shauna Simon, a regular at the café.

The café offers a child friendly environment which is safe and fun for children.For those looking for a much more posh eating experience ‘The Tug’ restaurant located in what can only be described as one of a kind. Rustic but classy, iconic but fresh – it is definitely one to look at.  This premier restaurant boasts a unique design that was built around the theme of oil-fired Danie Hugo boat port found in Scotland.

With panoramic views stretching across the Atlantic, diners are afforded a front row seat. At the same time, you are presented with a large selection of sea food and wines.  Without a doubt, The Tug has made a name for itself.

Before ending the day trip to Swakopmund keep in mind, it is worth remembering that the evening is just about to start. No visit to Swakop would be complete without stepping out to experience the town’s night life. A variety of choices present themselves but none as exciting as Infinity Lounge which has proven to be a great social platform where travellers meet and mingle.

‘The Lounge’ is also one of a kind and here friends and family spend great evenings together. It offers a gaming space, food, drinks and an exceptional play list of music. Definitely a safe place as it is guarded with bouncers and security guards for parking lots so your vehicles are under watch while you party the night away.

Swakopmund has so much more to offer and with more time in the town it would mean a more fulfilling experience. Remember to pack a lot of sunscreen and sweaters because you’ll definitely need it.

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