Monday 12 April 2021
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Gift yourself because you deserve it

In the process of always wanting to share whatever little thing you may have, make sure you do not forget to gift yourself as well. You are just as equally important as the next person.

Too often we over look our own needs because we believe that it is selfish to always put ourselves first. However as great as that may sound you to need to learn to put your own needs and wants before another as well.

Trust me, with your good heart and all – if someone else had the option of putting themselves first they would at any chance they get. So do the same. Learn to take care of yourself.

Take yourself to the movies, visit a spa, and buy yourself a cake it doesn’t have to be your birthday. Celebrate your life at any given point as you only get one life to do whatever you want to.

In the same breath make sure you make it exceptionally worth living for yourself. Stay away from people that do nothing but constantly break you, create space and room to find yourself as a person and most importantly gift yourself with the ability to love all that you are and all that you are yet to become.

Build great relationships and learn to realise that great bonds are a reflection of the self-love you have for yourselves.

Allow yourself to stay on cloud nine without feeling like it is wrong to do so. If you want a car buy it, if you want a new phone go ahead and get it and if you want to travel go on and buy yourself that ticket because no one else will.

Make sure you give yourself important pep talks as well, meditate, do yoga, smoke a blunt if you have to, if it eases you then go ahead.

Offer yourself words off affirmation, constantly remind yourself that you have the power of knowing that you are able to achieve all that you want and stop doubting yourself.
Know that you are allowed to be weak and that you do not have to have it all figured out, take time to fix things in your life, if you are going through things go and grow through them – do not push them under the rug.

Make sure you tell yourself that it is indeed okay to be vulnerable.

Like the saying goes “fall down seven times, stand up 8” which basically means that no matter how many times you tremble and fail you make sure you get up with self-love that only you have the power of giving yourself.

Most importantly give yourself a piece of mind, so now stop,  notice how gifting someone something brings them to place of utter bliss, now imagine if you did that for yourself.

Remember that you have done so much for people, I’m sure the Almighty up above would be pleased with how well you decided to care for yourself.

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