Friday 14 May 2021
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The Dogg bows out with ‘Concrete Jungle’

Multi-award winning and Namibia’s most decorated artist’s last offering is selling like hot cakes.

The artist know as The Dogg had just   delivered his last release to his never ending fan base. After all, this is predicted to be his 11th album and also his last, from ‘Oshimaliwa Osatana’.

The sound of this album is unlike the Morocky we got used to for over 14 years. This latest offering features The Dogg singing with a lot less laughing and shouting but at the same time it still remains entertaining.

It is a versatile piece with mixed genres of Kwaito, Afro beat, RnB and a blend of Hip Hop. There is even a bit of of conscious music.

The album opens with the inviting beats of Pull-Up in which he shares the mic with Oddie, K’Chinga and stablemate Young T. In a surprise move, The Dogg leads on this one making his mark that he indeed can sing.

‘Feeling Your Body’ was released as a teaser before the launch of the full album and features as track three.

The song introduces The Dogg with soulful singing abilities as he masterfully puts together notes to a sensual song.

‘Chicky Chicky’ is the rise of tempo on the album. Featuring KP Illest and Taffy Raw, the artists have outdone themselves. From the onset, they take charge making sure they do not leave out any note. ‘Chicky Chicky’ is the type of song to put you in the mood.
Dubbed the new RnB highness, Salvador and The Dogg take on ‘Slow Down’ on Track 5.
Like many upcoming artists who get the recognition when they share the mic with already established gurus, Salvador surely takes the cake on this song.
Another exciting song that will ooze excitement out of you is ‘Chip In Chip Out’- perfectly tailored to make you snap your fingers while singing along.
Chester, Patrick and Glo feature on the track with a new sound showcasing the skill of the ‘Kwaito Master’ in his capacity as producer.
A song you wouldn’t want to miss is ‘Going Home’. The song makes you miss home and takes you back far away as you travel down memory lane.
It is a song that would definitely make for the road. Other featuring artists on the album are Sally, Jericho and international fame Davido on another exciting song ‘Poka.’
Since the release of the album, there has been much criticism surrounding the quality of the album. But be that as it may, the album introduces The Dogg sounding so much different.
Whether it’s his style that has attracted the criticism, the ‘Concrete Jungle’ remains a good buy and a must have if you are an Mshasho fan.
Rating: 3.7/5

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