Sunday 11 April 2021
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Your time or the users’

Before you assume that I am going to talk about using your time wisely in this post forgive me but nope! I really just want to share how we allow users to blind fold us to really just rob us of our time. Ever heard of the saying “never judge a book by its cover”? That’s exactly it, there’s truly more to what meets the eye.

This world has made it so easier to be swept off by the initial aura of a person. It has become easy to believe that people are who they say they are, especially when they have the whole ‘good person’ act together. It is easy to fall for the non-existent good in people who have perfected the art of ‘appearing to be’ as opposed to ‘actually being’.

Just because people are Christian or appear to be religious, it does not mean they are not users. There are many bible-quoting, demon-chasing, tongue-speaking people who are out there to use others to their advantage without caring about the emotional or psychological bankruptcy they will leave behind. They look so good in the garment of humility that goes well with your good nature, because they know that nothing in you will relate with arrogance.

But wait. Listen closely and watch carefully. Be vigilant and observe earnestly the faux humility that’s laced with their entitlement.

I am not saying we shouldn’t allow others into our lives but I am saying that we need to be wise when welcoming these people into our lives. Users are very good at manipulating you into emotional confessions and you can as well guess why they do that.

They simply do is to cement the foundation of their faux humility and entitlement for you to be their support ATM where no deposits are made.

These are the kind of people we allow into our lives and give them the privilege of using our time for their own good. We all have 24 hours a day now imagine if you give 4 of your hours to the other person, they literally end up having 28 hours while we remain with a mere 20 hours, how’s that fair?

There’s one thing that we need to learn. You can never change a user. Your good nature can’t. Your sacrifices can’t. Your words of encouragement can’t.

They are users for a reason and they only care about their own good. Users are the kind of people who will confess to you non-existent feelings. They are the kind of people who discourage you from pursuing any of your goals that might be hindering what they get out of you.

Their only focus is on the end goal to your good nature, skills and influence to their advantage, after which they will suddenly come up with a list of your faults and explain why they have oh so patient with your excesses.

One thing that I am reminding you of is that time is a gift friends. A gift many of us are unaware of. A gift that can literally save us from all the heartache we complain about most of the time. Time is a precious gift that we can’t get back once it is wasted.

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