Thursday 17 June 2021
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Don’t be a rude shop worker

Why black shop workers constantly throw attitude towards people of colour is something I will never fully understand.

Try walking into any Namibian store and asking a black worker to help you with a certain item you would like to purchase and watch them act as if they weren’t employed to assist you.

But notice how quickly their negative attitudes change when a white person walks in and asks for the same thing.

You’ll notice how quickly they would run around like headless chickens because they know that if they were to do exactly what they do to fellow blacks the ‘I want to speak to your manager’ card would be pulled out.

It’s as if they easily forget that black people can also pull that card but a few of us sometimes choose not to because we know that at the end of the day we are all playing for the same team and a black persons down fall would mean another jobless black person on the market.

Which is something we should avoid so why can’t we all just live in peace and harmony and try and treat fellow people of colour with respect. Is it too much to ask for?

Yes it probably is very annoying to have someone come to you and ask you to look for something for them but as a shop worker you signed up for it.

You signed up to assist customers in any way possible provided it is in your job scope.

There is really no need to look down on black customers and treat them like they are filth. The idea that blacks can’t go into a store and ask for items without shop workers thinking they won’t afford it so why should I waste my time assisting should be done away with.

If I have to pin out a specific store it would be the MAC section in Edgars. Workers there are unprofessional to say the least and are abruptly rude. As a customer I definitely believe that I should have the right to ask as many questions as I would like to ask until I get an understanding on a certain facial product.

Imagine not asking and at the end of the day messing up your face because you used a wrong product because a certain sales assistant did not feel like helping you that day.

In European countries sales assistants follow you around the store and make sure they are of help in any way possible. They treat their clientele with respect without throwing a fuss.

We all have our fair share of work and life stress but it’s very rare on occasion where a black customer would rudely come into a shop and constantly press a black shop worker’s buttons for no reason.

We complain so much about how non people of colour treat people of colour on a daily yet we forget how we tend to treat one another as well. So this 2018 let’s try and be better people tog!

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