Friday 26 February 2021
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…but you just don’t do it

The idiots are at it again and just because of one ex-civilian, we will soon hear the song ‘All men are trash. There comes a time in one’s life when you just no longer know what to say when things like this happen. Whether it is that church guy who broke into a shop the other day, a trained kovoet who kills his side chick, or the son of a pastor who rapes a baby yet to utter the words ‘mama.’ It is just k#k.

We are busy with so much sh#t. I seriously no longer know what we should do to our fellow brothers. What is even more difficult is that one never knows who to help because none of these guys look like killers or abusers before they actually do it. And in most unfortunate cases one can never reverse their doings.
But maybe we should change the approach we use to address this issue. There is no reason to call you pathetic or an idiot because that you already know that. You have proven to us so many times so there is no use writing to those of you behind bars or have probably pulled the trigger on yourself.
Let’s talk to the unknown idiots and killers roving around as saints until the break happens. To you I say today, before your true colours come out, please don’t kill the madam. There are so many ways we can engage our women and hitting them shouldn’t even be an option because it’s for the weak.
You could use the energy you use to shout on her by challenging your cousins going rogue to straighten up. If there is any left after those sessions, you can use that to visit your neighbour. The anger she “causes” you, you could redirect it to your failures of the year that was and if you feel like moving, try jogging away from her and never stopping. The fun is in seeing that every step you take takes you far from your source of stress.
It is just a woman after all – beautiful, strength not comparable to yours, most ladies cannot outrun you, so what harm can she possibly cause you?
I agree with you that we would be at peace without women in our lives but you also have to understand that they are our mothers, sisters and the very same people we need when the lights go off.
So what if she cheats – you also do the same, if not worse. There are so many who don’t cheat so save yourself the stress and get one out there. There are worse things you do but don’t upset you as much. You cheat and all she does is make noise. In extreme cases, she will probably break a TV or throw your clothes outside.
You have a car that you pay for every month but still give your friends to drive.
I understand that at times you just want her to shut up but why did you buy a radio when you hate endless talks in the first place? I have a deaf girl and we have not argued so far – happy us.
With out any fear of contradiction let me tell you todat that there is no reason under the sun to hit a woman. Because the world is round and inter-connected it is a simple fact that any woman any where is someones mother, daughter, sister or wife. And because al of us made it here, because the Almighty decided so, who are you to harm her in any way whatsoever?
It is a given that we do not like sharing, especially the meat you have marinated and used your spice to perfect. It is a selfish instinct that maybe women also need to understand. We are not saying that you are not allowed to cheat, no, but at least not when we, just the two of us are in a relationship.
I know there are some horrible guys out there and should be buried underneath the prisons. But also just be nxa please man. Nothing is more provoking than a woman who knows you can’t hit her. She will do everything annoying because she knows.
In your heart of hearts, think about it. Things just don’t happen like that and that is perhaps where we should start. But because we do not have the other side, maybe that’s why we are not getting at the bottom of this.
Madam, if he hits you, leave and never look back – this sh#t of ‘I can’t live without him’ will get you closer to the mortuary.
Chief, of she doesn’t want or you suspect that she gave your tender to the neighbour, just go chief.
But whatever she does to you, just don’t ever raise your hand to a woman.

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