Monday 1 March 2021
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Trump was right

After Donald Trump’s recent utterances, I’m starting to envy and admire white people. They are the only race that can say whatever sh#t they want. I know my race gets bitter when the truth is placed on their forehead, but deep do we know there is some truth from the trumpet.

We are a sh#thole and the whites (most and not all of the whites) know this. Africa has become a sh#t hole and we all know who uses the toilet – the white man and our honourables.

As soon as you get your first job, you run to Autohaus and spend your pre-matured salary on a car that will have debts holding your rectum for the next five years. Now this is 60 percent of your salary every month. And it’s not only the young, our parents started it. After every rigged election victory, your ministers and their side-chicks in positions of Secretary and PA run off to get the latest wheels when the old ones have less then 80 000 km. They sell those to the previous bosses at a Jan Japan price. In the end, we owe the white man so much that we give them the green light to sh#t on us at whatever time of the day.

But that’s nothing yet; let’s start with the basics on the ground.


Where are the white people when you all make a lot of noise at political rallies? Forget about Calle wanting to run for Katutura East Constituency because that was just a fellatio move. Where are the whites when you all strike for better salaries and grievances against a black boss who is only employing his grade 10 drop-out cousins?

I am yet to see a Swanepoel and Kloppers grabbing land in Auasblick and the Neighborhood Watch shooting at them with rubber bullets. You see, whites don’t see these things as priority. Their kind has already made sure that their future and six generations from today are sorted.

We are so busy working for titles and making sure we get to the podium only to sh#t on our own because we have learned so much from the Whiteman. It’s a recruitment policy. The few who are fortunate to get to the top are only allowed to join the table, if they are willing to poo on their kind. Why do you think you can no longer address your own by their first name after getting an office when not so long ago you called him by his nickname?

A white drunkard only finishes three bottles of wine (and that’s the dusty one from Khomasdal) but my yashes from Kuryangava will finish three crates of beer and another two bottles of Castelo on their way home. And then you add the Sunday sessions at Bix Carwash. Just for the record, black people are the biggest feeders of Namibia Breweries. They know the little money they give you will eventually come back in their bank accounts because you have no knowledge on creating your own wealth.


You are made to believe that the white man always has the answer; after all, it’s his formula. The only formula we have crafted and mastered is that of corruption. How are we not a sh#thole when our own are fikifikiring us at any time they wish and they don’t even care to give foreplay? Who the hell is the white man to pity you?

By the way, can anybody tell me what happens to the funeral policy money that Minister X has been paying when his political stable decides they are getting a State Funeral courtesy of our tax. The comrade is not even your distant cousin but you are paying for their funeral when you are not even invited to go have potato salad.

Yes, we are a sh#thole and it’s not because the white man wanted to sh#t on us but it’s because we acted like the toilet. We refuse to wake up under the pretext of respect, peace and stability and thinking Europe and the West owe us Aid.


The rain does not come and we run to the white man. GBV comes and we think the white man has the solution. We even depend on the white man for the simplest of things such as toothpicks because the tree in our backyard is not good enough.

It is only the African who thinks one day God will come and save us. The white man has made us to believe to believe this when they brought us the Bible so that they continue sh#tting on us until this hole is full and they need another. And when it hurts, we will forgive them because they tell us to have soft and forgiving hearts. It’s only right to forgive after all, kama.

That’s why even when the white man calls you his brother; you are definitely the younger brother. Our knowledge is as short as the length of our hair. And NO, I’m not referring to your weave and plastic extensions.

So Mr. Trump, maybe you are not in the right position to say what you just said, but at least you are not like our African leaders who wait to get out of power to talk sh#t.

Thank you and send my Visa already.

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