Monday 1 March 2021
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Proudly Namibian : The incubator

In an economy where it seems there is little hope for small scale local producers, Namibia has found its very own guardian angel that has paved a way for these producers.

Klara’s Market known widely as a cafe, deli, juice bar, grocery and specialty food store has presented itself as a hub that eases the pressure of local producers.


Located at 77 Independence Avenue just opposite Sumi restaurant, the deli has an array of products that cater for vegans, vegetarians, pescaterians and for people who may have religious convictions concerning food. It also caters for everyday household dietary needs and for those that may have allergies with some food types, such as glucose intolerant individuals.

Olivia Faulker who is the manager at the store can easily be spotted as her warm, bright and friendly smile meets guests at the entrance once they walk in.

Olivia who recently hosted a food tasting at Klara’s Market, told The Lounge that the store caters specifically for locally produced foods in support of Namibian entrepreneurs.

She explained that Klara’s Market aims to promote local products which provides consumers with insights on better understanding the benefits of the products as well create a platform that allows shoppers to try products for which they eventually will build up a love for.


“There is a variety of products in the deli, we have different types of salami namely German, Pepper, Italian and Dauwurts from Hartlief, pickled curry fish which is extremely delicious, crackers, pastes and many others so it’s something basically for everyone.” explains Olivia.  The store sells goat Feta cheese which is rare to find, as most stores country wide only sell cow Feta cheese.

“It’s nice to have a little bit of difference in food products” according to Naita who just happened to hear about the food tasting on social media.

Other local products from suppliers such as Earthly Pleasures which produces vegan friendly handmade diary free cheese and ice cream in flavours such as coconut, chocolate and cashew that is free from eggs, gluten, nuts and soy are also sold at Klara’s Market.

Earthly Pleasures packages its products in 100 percent reusable glass jars as described by one of the business’s co-owner Jolene Nel.


Nel explained that products from earthly pleasures are readily available at Klara’s, the Grove Mall and as well as in Swakopmund.

“We plan on expanding our product line in Windhoek, however it will take time. There are some restaurants that use our mozzarella cheese on pizza, so there is no need for vegans who may be craving for some, to worry”.

It doesn’t stop there – local farm Krumhuk’s organic milk, yogurt, black and white cookies, homemade rusks and kefir is also sold at Klara’s market and are all perfectly branded.


Then there is Fluffy Mellows which is a local product sold at Klara’s Market, neatly placed on top of the glass counter in the store. The fluffy mellows are Namibian handcrafted and delightfully flavored marshmallows that come in flavors of vanilla and cinnamon, mint and chocolate, lemon, strawberry and cream.

Also available at Klara’s Market is Bread n Butter, a local food service that mainly focuses on creating gluten free chocolate cakes and fresh sandwiches that would capture anyone with a sense of smell from afar.

Exhausted yet? Not so quick as Klara’s Market brings more to the table. The deli also caters to selling local beauty products from producers such as Kiyomisandz and Namib Beard Pride.

Kiyomisandz owned by Sandra Mwiihangele, is a product that contains potent fruit extracts and nourishing skin ingredients. The products come in different flavours such as kiwi and blueberry.

The Namib Beard Pride caters for bearded men who struggle with growing healthy beards and has made it possible for locals to invest in them instead of constantly buying beard oils from online stores.

Namib Beard Pride oils not only hydrates and repairs hair and skin but as well stimulates blood flow on the surface of the skin. The product comes as a beard conditioner and shampoo.

The future for local producers surely looks bright as businesses such as Klara’s Market are rapidly popping up and supporting them means a positive outcome for the country. Perhaps in the near future, the dream of one day being able to produce more local products for consumption by many will be achieved.

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