Friday 26 February 2021
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Choose your 2018 battles wisely

C. JoyBell.C couldn’t have said it better “Choose your battles wisely. After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It’s not winning battles that makes you happy, but it’s how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. Life is too short to spend it on warring. Fight only the most, most, most important ones let the rest go.”

If there is one thing I would recommend us to change or improve on this year it’s the battles we choose to fight. We probably don’t realise this but sometimes we pay so much attention to things that really do not add value to our lives. And this is exactly why I want us to focus on battles that are worth fighting, battles that one can someday look back on and think ‘wow I’m a warrior’.


But that is only possible if we become selective of the problems, arguments, and confrontations that we engage in. That’s why it is important to always ask yourself if tackling that particular problem outweighs the costs before engaging into it. That way you can decide if you should fight the problem or abandon it, because not all problems are important.
Truly some battles just don’t hold water and they simply don’t matter especially in the long run. Imagine fighting so hard just to pull another woman down or simply being judgmental about other people’s lives. Encounters with rude people are another. Gossip is another thing – there is no way you want to live your entire life paying attention to what people say about you. For as long as you breathe, people are going to talk about you. These are things that you cannot allow to weigh you down by rather letting them go.
After all, there are many other things worth worrying about. It’s better to concern yourself with your big rocks and Quadrant 2 goals, other than petty problems that have no place in your life. Some problems may seem pressing, but the payoff from addressing them doesn’t outweigh the costs. Battling such problems will only waste your time and energy since the costs outweigh the benefits. This year let’s choose battles where the benefits outweigh the costs.
Instead of getting involved with everything, you save your time only for the important situations, the ones that will give you the best payoff, and the ones where there is a good chance of success. As humans, we also need to remember that we have limited time and energy on Earth and that is why we need to conserve our resources for the things that matter.
It’s all about winning the big war. In life, you are going to face countless problems. Do you want to spend your life battling petty problems that do not make a difference in the long run? Or do you want to battle the big rocks, like carving out your dream career, building your ideal relationship, being financially free, and living the life of your dreams? You need to choose your battles and focus on the big rocks to win the big war of life.
Let’s choose our battles wisely, battles that will help us become better versions of ourselves and battles that will help us put bread on the table. Not every battle is worth fighting.
Here’s to a productive year,

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