Sunday 11 April 2021
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It’s not the end of the road

Just because you did not make it in everything that you set up to achieve for yourself this year does not mean you are a failure. Rather see this as a stepping stone to achieving better in 2018.

I know it’s easier said than done when you aren’t in the persons shoes who seems to be stuck in between never ending difficulties that seem to never pass by, however never waver.

Things will eventually get better and you will eventually come out shining as bright as a star provided you keep believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams.


Grade 10 and 12 results are now out and we all know that a lot of those that wrote did not do so well. Such a bummer I know.

The feeling of not being good enough has probably been embedded into most of the student’s minds and the fear of being laughed at is probably eating their souls away during this period.

However, people should keep in mind that failure is part of life, and if you don’t fail in some part of it, it basically means you don’t try.


Remember that you are much better than who you were the year before and the possibility of becoming better in the near future is possible.

I remember a few years ago when I got my results, as smart as I maybe  thought I am, I did not really do so well in my final year exams and had to re write a few subjects.

Obviously people spoke down on me and I even though it was embarrassing at the time, but I promised that I would do better not for anyone else but for myself as I was the only one with the power to make sure my future was going to be bright.

I eventually rewrote the subjects and passed really well. Not that I doubted myself but because this time around I was more focused and not as playful as I was the year I did not do so well.


Fast forward I eventually obtained enough marks and got placement in University. As lucky and blessed as I trust I am, during that same period I received a scholarship to a University abroad and four years later here I am with and Bachelors (Hons) Degree, a good job and a pretty well fun filled life.

The funny thing here is that those that mocked me for my failures are still stuck in their first years but I am not here to compare myself to anyone. The point I am trying to make here is that the sun will always shine after every storm.

Learn to celebrate every mile stone you get to reach in life, doesn’t matter how big or small it may be. An achievement is an achievement. The fact that you made it to the stage where you were as close to being great just means that you have what it takes to do even better.


So don’t let the negative energy people throw at you whether it has anything to do with school or work, affect you.

Make 2018 the best year of your life and continue to plant seeds of positivity in all that you do and as each year comes, be grateful for the fruits of your labour.

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