Sunday 11 April 2021
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Dear Sister…

I am penning the last one for the year for my sisters. I’m reliably informed that I have not been too good to many of you so today I would like to speak to you from the heart, nothing but sweet love. I apologise in advance for the bitter tone.

Dear young sister, I love you so much and have nothing against you as you are just too young and innocent to beef with. But I’m concerned about your 2017 behavior. From ‘Warakata’ to ‘Omunye’, you have mastered the lyrics with great depth but here you sit 7 points in grade 10 and I don’t know if your parents have any hope in you succeeding at NamCol.

Because of you, we have all made it a normal phenomenon that the life of a Namibian girl is compromised at grade 10, second year of university, that’s if she even makes it past grade 12. You’re here chasing older men with cars and behaving like a taxi while your boring friends are busy studying. You know every corner of the best chill spots but fail your Geography test like a Chinese GPS. You know all the ingredients and alcohol types but your Physics – dololo.


You have the most complicated password on your phone but a simple ‘Swipe And Use’ for every man, should they want to use you. You are impressed by what some guy has worked for and you think he is your way out of poverty but end up being used for your purity and disposed like a newborn baby diaper.

From one man to another you are passed like a power bank and by the time you realise, you have become the Jackpot mastered by every Shilongo and Kapanga. Every men likes what’s fresh on the market and trying out new things, after all, tourists too play with monkey when they come to Africa.

Look around not so far from home. I’m sure you have a few aunties that are jobless, not married, and always uselessly going on about how those who work don’t give them a share of their salary. Do you know what, these ladies at some point were busy chasing men and having the time of their lives just like you.


All they have are good chilling stories to tell about their youth at 11 while useful people are at work. Imagine if we had Instagram 15 years ago. You are headed that way too if you think the left seat of someone’s car who doesn’t care for you is the life. You are headed that way too if you think men owe you the respect and the best treat in this world. We owe you nothing my dia – work for it.

Dear young lady, chipping in and chipping out every day at the expense of someone cheating on their girlfriend. Every man wants a different recipe now and then so understand that it is just dessert served in a different plate. At the end of the day, his stable pap and vleis will rise above your decorated and painted cheeks.

Take it from me; no man goes for cheap madams and especially for those with a prize tags placed at the wrong place. Your cookie, beauty and fake eyelashes will not get you the ring madam – unless you too just wanna play. Ever wondered why men marry not so beautiful women? Men marry personalities, responsibility, maturity and role models to their children. And do not worry, you will wake up this one day.


Just because he showers you with everything you need does not mean you will get the throne when all you give is sex. Men will, and can get you everything you want, but you are paying for it. When he is done, he is leaving your slaying queen ass for someone who can hold him up when things go wrong – an asset and not the liability that you are.

Here you now are at your sunset age of 30Plus with a bed record similar to the attendance list of a state clinic, tired and exhausted from every corner of your reproductive organs. Not even Satan will forgive your appearance and not to mention, your attempt to look redeemed. Your kilos have hit market value and yet you expect a man from where vakwetu to come take you serious. Laliful.


Humble yourself madam. If you have a child or two from different fathers, no man would apply to becoming a stepfather. It is a taboo so look for a job and stick with some married man hoping he divorces his 20 year old marriage. We the fresh men are going for the girls who recently graduated and have been admitted into new paying jobs. The error of slaying queens has an expiry date and it’s on that day he decides to stop playing. We are dating ladies with pay slips and not make-up bags only.

Dear sister, your current behavior as a teen will determine who you will be by 30. You have living examples to learn from and believe me, if you do not do better, you will just end up like them.


I hope this is not a heavy pill to swallow this December. If it is, you can choose to ignore it, just like your 40-year old useless aunt did. Enjoy your festive season and see you in 2018.

Bitter love from yours truly MfK

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