Thursday 15 April 2021
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A politician’s holiday diary


More often than not they are always running on a busy schedule. For most politicians it’s either up or down in parliament, engaging in difficult negotiations, meeting on strategic matters in cabinet or taking grinding questions from the media.

If it is not for that, they are on their toes officiating at some formal occasion. But have you ever wondered what these public office bearers do during their Christmas holidays. Well, wonder no more and take a sneak peak into these popular politician’s holiday plans.

Minister for Economic Planning and Director General Tom Alweendo
Aside from planning on the best ways to improve the Namibian economic performance and being responsible to ensure that adequate policies for economic growth are devised, Director General Alweendo will devote most of his time to family events while also hosting a Christmas party for the elderly in his village.

“I will be spending my holiday time wfamily and friends in order to catch up on what has been happening during the year. I’ll also find time to reflect on the journey ahead – what are the things that we as policy makers should emphasize more and also those we should de-emphasize.”

He also added that, It’s my wish that all of us – young and old, poor and rich – recognize that we have a vested interest in how we move forward as a Nation.

Going forward, let us all be more diligent in the execution of our various responsibilities, bold in our ambitions, innovative and pioneering in nurturing our dreams of a prosperous Namibia.

Elaborating on his holidays plans Alweendo  says he will spend Christmas in the north and will start the new year at the coast.  Let me also wish you and your colleagues at The Patriot a blessed festive season.”

Minister of Public Enterprises, Leon Jooste
It’s not often that people wish to be in the shoes of Public Enterprises Minister Leon Jooste. This holiday is one such occasion though. Far away from the hassle of dealing with non performing SOE’s, Minister Jooste says he is ready to have a laid back holiday with family. Travelling will dominate most his holiday plans. This is what he has to say about his holiday in brief.

“My holiday will be 100% dedicated to family! I’ve been neglecting my wife and kids severely and I need to use this opportunity to rekindle all the relationships.

We prefer spending our Christmas holidays abroad to get away from everyday realities and routine. We’ll be spending most of our time in Europe,” he said.

Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein
For a man who had to listen to countless complaints about the economy from downgrades, to late payments, having instituted a bag of austerities rendering him unpopular among big spenders, Minister of Finance certainly deserve a good rest during this holiday season.
“I will be spending most of my Christmas holiday around Windhoek with Family. It’s a perfect opportunity to be around loved ones after an extremely busy year.

I will however make a shift to the coast in the first week of January to go and finish the rest of what will be left of the holiday before bracing the new year. Certainly best wishes to you and everyone for the Christmas and festive season in general.”

Not much rest for Aochamub
Well it looks like it will be work as usual for the Presidential Spokesperson Albertus Aochamub who would have to juggle between state house duties and travelling this holiday. For the few moments he is away from the usually tough media questions this year, Papso as he is affectionately known said the following about his holiday.

“Most of the holiday period will be spendt working with a few days off. I will spend those days of recess to visit some Namibian locations of interest.”

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