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2017 ‘Year of the Creatives’

The year started and ended off with a bang for various creatives in Namibia that showed of their exceptional talents through art, film and fashion. As most may know trying to tap in to the creative industry is not an easy task as it requires extensive hours of labour, thinking and planning.

However this year creatives proved that they could rise above difficulties as the year brought with it platforms that helped pave the way for them to showcase their work.

The support from fellow countrymen proved to be a great push forward as many who were receptive to it took to social media in an effort to share creative works, which reached a larger target audience.

There’s a saying that goes ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This is far from the truth for Namibian creatives as they evidently had the utmost fun while they spent most of their time creating.


A group of visual creatives namely Scharlarco Visagie, Leavily Mayumbelo, Joseph Victor and Sunya Beukes all showed off their drawing skills and for some it was their first time doing so.

This group of creatives, each with a different twist to their drawing work all had and still have something in common and that is the will power to keep producing quality work that’s gets better than what they may have created before.

Each individual had the drive to tell stories through their work and somewhat bring change to the creative industry as they believed it needed a revamp.


Creatives in the film industry also brought that fire element with it as Namibia premiered a new film this year, called Salute.

The movie which is an all-Namibian star-studded production, stars cast members such Adriano Visagie, winner of the 2017 Best Male Actor in a Theatre Play award at the Namibia Theatre and Film Awards (NTFA), multi-talented Odile Müller (winner of the 2017 NTFA Best Female Actress in a film), Dawie Engelbrecht (winner of the 2014 NTFA Best Male Actor in a film award) and David Ndjavera (winner 2012 NTFA Best Male Actor in a theatre production).

Various other extraordinary actors in the production were Desmond Kamerika, Sakanombo Kasoma, Jeremiah Jeremiah, Dennis !Kharuchab and Bruno Santana Caldeira who all played an important role in the film.

The film is directed by Philippe Talavera who has so far in his life time produced plays like ‘Pap and Milk’, ‘Panado Girl’and ‘Now That I Can Talk About It’. Bernd Curschmann is the director of photography while Haiko Boldt (winner of the 2014 NTFA Best Editor award) was the editor.

This year exposed even more creatives that showed off their garment making talents with many launching their clothing lines.

Among some of the fashion creatives that did an exceptional job this year was Ndahafa Shaimemanya who launched her clothing line called Manya.

The clothing line is described by the Shaimemanya who is both the owner and designer, as a line that also showcases a woman as independent, self-aware, confident and comfortable in her own skin.This woman is not worried about looking perfect but would rather be graciously refined and elegant, which would inevitably make her stand out.


Shaimemanya who is fresh out of university from Esmod International Fashion Design and Business School in Paris, France noted during her clothing line launch that for most part of it she was inspired by the ocean and desert. This can definitely be seen in the garments which exudes a feeling of fluidity.

The colour of nature also contributed to the selection of materials she made use of, as she mostly aimed for neutral colours that would complement most skin colours.

The outstanding element about the clothing line is that it brings a minimalistic feel rather than the busy detailed patterns other clothing lines may have.

Shaimemanya is currently in Cape Town, South Africa where she is undergoing training at a fashion school that will definitely give her the push she needs to network and expand Namibia’s fashion industry. Someday soon she will put the country on the Fashion map as well.


All in all the year was set up for those who wanted to break through the usual barriers. Whether it was exhibiting their work of art at events such as KasiVibe, The Great Pop-Up, Warehouse or basically launching their lines, they indeed did accomplish all that they set out for themselves this year.

A great creative is one that is able to inspire themselves and others to reach out for their goals and dream big, without being afraid.

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