Thursday 17 June 2021
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Omunye’ dance causes keDecember destruction’

A well-choreographed South African video by celebrated Distruction Boyz featuring Benny Maverick and Dlala Mshunqisi – Omunye, has risen to fame in Namibia over the past few days with dancers exhibiting dancing skills close to dangerous.

Numerous videos have gone viral on social media with the coastal towns taking the beat to another level. Memes have been created with road signs previously directing drivers to Walvisbay being renamed to ‘Omunye Bay.’

For some strange reason Namibians have interpreted the song as lifting anything from chairs to umbrellas, gazebos, brooms, mops and crates just for the ‘Omunye’ vibe. Scenes of people dancing on top of roofs, cars and objects that could topple over with any move abound.

So far, there have been scenes of people dancing on top of the roof at MakitiBar in Swakopmund and another clip of two gentlemen throwing a young boy in the sky.

Another video shot of the ‘Omunye’ craze portray weddings and tempered clips showing the same dance at a funeral with an invite for funeral dancers to send your loved ones off in style.

A close search for the translation of the ‘Omunye Phezu Komunye’ lyrics in English interprets the song as meaning ‘the other one on top of the other.’

There has been a worrying concern of the damage which can be caused by the ‘Omunye’ dance,should it reach towns like Opuwo and Rundu. Jokes are being made that people might end up lifting cows while the river-side entertainers will be carrying crocodiles.

Tweeps have joked that the ‘Omunye’ fever is only for those with medical aid as the moves associated with the dance could land people in medical facilities with no concrete story to tell.

In South Africa, the song has been banned by some SABC radio stations for allegedly promoting unprotected sex. According to Sunday Sun, the group’s song was apparently excluded from playlists, despite it being one of the most popular songs in the country. The Distruction Boyz have defended their hit single.

The duo’s management claimed the now famous lyrics ‘Omunye phezu komunye’ is a Zulu phrase meaning ‘its too packed one was on top of the other’ and said ‘any person who thinks this is sexual, needs Jesus.’

How it has come that Namibians are now lifting anything at sight remains a mystery still to be discovered.

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