Thursday 17 June 2021
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How about a price tag on Yourself in 2018?

The festive season is not only  a battle cry to be merry and over-indulge with no qualms about tomorrow but also a time to plan for the year ahead. I would want to think that most people are probably busy with their New Year resolutions this time around and there’s one thing I would like you to add to your list, put a price tag on yourself.

If we really think about it there is an analogue between human beings and items sold in shops. Things we buy are most likely determined by their prices.

Some things are capable of sweeping your bank account clean, others may be fine and some would be ridiculously cheap.

But if you think about it the most expensive items always have detail; they’re made of strong materials, designed in a comfortable way, unique and different.

There are many of us that are strong, beautiful or handsome, easy to get along with, intelligent and are the kind of person anyone would want to keep around.
But the problem is we place ourselves on the cheap stand. Despite all the details that have been meticulously engraved and instilled in us, we are scared that we are too high on a pedestal, so we place ourselves on a lower pedestal so that people can afford us. In other words, we put ourselves on sale.

Sadly, most people, especially ladies keep reducing the sale price until they are almost free and yet we wonder why people who do not understand the quality behind our design, come around and treat us like a pair of cheap slippers, instead of a pair of Louboutin heels.

You have sixteen days left to put a 2018 price tag on yourself. It’s up to you to figure out if you are going to be cheap, average or expensive.

However when putting a price tag on yourself make sure that it is coherent with the details you have instilled and the time you have invested in yourself to make yourself better.

If what you bring to the table is worthless or useless, if all you have to offer is a face beat, booty and nothing else, then you should be on the cheap stand and you need to take some time to improve the material you are made of, your soul, the elegance you bring and of course the attractive factor, how you make people around you better.

For those who’ve tagged themselves as priceless and know that what they bring to the table is of great value then let it be.

Don’t even consider putting yourself on sale. It’s sad how people especially young women in their bid to tie the knot as early as possible move from priceless to average, and eventually to cheap, where they are bought by men who do not understand their value and end up  being used as bathroom slippers or door mats.

Let’s stop allowing people who can only afford to shop on the cheap stand buy us, use us and then throw us in the trash. There is someone out there, who understands what you are worth and is willing to pay that seemingly high price.


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