Sunday 20 June 2021
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Being LGBTQ in a world that’s not so accepting

How often do Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people, walk into a room and all eyes turned to them for either wearing a feminine or manly type of clothing, walking in a certain way or for just being different from what most would consider as normal.

The loud talks suddenly turn to silent whispers from people who do not have the guts to look LGBTQ people straight in the eye and say what they would normally mumble under their breaths about them.

The LGBTQ community does indeed exist and is known among many – however the belittling of someone’s sexual orientation is at an all-time high. The belittling is normally done by those that do not take time to understand why LGBTQ people are the way they are.

In fact, is it really necessary to fight on a daily basis to be who you want to be as a person? Is it fair that in some countries the very same people are stoned to death for no reason?

Culture plays a big role in the shaping of how accepting the world is of LGBTQ people, as most have been moulded into believing that those that fall in this category should in no way exist among straight people.
Some cultures tend to also use the Bible as an amour of reasoning as to why having a different sexual orientation preference is not allowed just to try and ‘fake deep’ justify their hatred towards the LGBTQ community.

The very same judgemental people who have so much to say about someone else’s sexuality and way of life tend to get easily offended when theirs is questioned.

The world should note that being LGBTQ is not a pick and choose option for some, because they do not just wake up and decide that they want to change into it. It’s something that has been within them from birth.

The idea of everyone being born straight from birth should no longer be instilled into people’s minds. Rather the notion that people from birth are able to be born differently as we all aren’t the same.

The world is filled with a bunch of hypocrites that appear in the form of homophobes who pretend to be so tough but would be the first to jump up or run away when a LGBTQ person would greet them or sit next to them.

If LGBTQ people can accept a world that has so many straight people without judging them for the way they are then the world itself should reciprocate the same to them.
The Lounge spoke to an individual who identifies himself as gay, but however wanted to remain anonymous.

He explained that before he came out to his parents about his sexuality, it was a tough journey for him as he had to pretend to be someone he was not, due to how the world at large would view him if they were to find out that he was gay.

“It was not easy for me at all especially because of the way my parents spoke about how they disliked non-straight people, this was one of the reasons why I found it hard to speak out about it.”

He further explained that when he then decided to come out, his parents were so upset with him especially his father who could not believe that his own son was gay.

“My Oshiwambo speaking father did not believe it because he was brought up believing that if anyone was gay it’s because they were bewitched, my mother was more open to it as she told me that she always knew because she gave birth to me.”

He continued to explain that his father had chased him out of the house and his mother did nothing about it because she was depended on him and her pleas to allow him to stay, fell on deaf ears.
“It was a difficult time for me because I felt unwanted by those that I thought loved me the most and my friends turned against me, at times I tried to commit suicide but God had bigger plans for me”.

He added that his life moved on and his new close friends who understood him helped him get through it and that there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Till this day my father still does not speak to me however if he were to reach out I would give him the chance to do so. I will explain that there is nothing wrong with me being this way.

As for my mother she loves me as I am and she visits whenever she can. I have made quite a number of friends even though the world still tends to look at me weirdly but that’s their problem.”

He further urged straight people to stop judging another person’s way of life because it does not affect their life in anyway. Straight people should really not be bothered by something that in no way has anything to do with them.

People’s choice of sexual orientations should be allowed and everyone should be allowed to feel safe in their own communities and should not constantly live in fear that someday their lives maybe cut short because of those that do not like them.

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