Thursday 17 June 2021
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All roads lead to the coast…

The festive season is approaching and holiday destinations have been planned. Festive flourish Christmas decorations have been set up on the street lights.

Since apparently all relationships have closed it is once again that time of the year that single people are hoping to score a bae but nonetheless the talk of the day is to enlighten you while you are planning your trip to the coast. The aim is to relax and have a nice time after a year of hard work.

For some it is that time of the year to go to their places of origin but for others, the coast is the most preferred place to find themselves.
The coast seems to be the place to be during the festive season as many refer to Swakopmund as the capital city of Namibia during the festive season. “Ons gaan vis vang in Henties” “We are going to the coast” are one of the many expressions made by those planning to go to the coast over the holidays. The feeling of love, excitement and fun; there’s just that pleasant atmosphere and a free spirit everywhere that makes people happy.

One almost gets so excited – to the extent that one even forgets to arrange their accommodation. Reserving your accommodation is very important; many do it on time to avoid being stranded but for the no planners that just live by the day it can get very hard to secure accommodation. At this time most of the places have already been reserved.

To avoid being stuck in the unacquainted streets of the coast, make sure to take your camping equipment along as camping is the alternative choice.

It is a family affair, this time of the year we all want to have fun and be with our loved ones. It is all about entertainment and celebration. While squandering money on unnecessary materials and ensuring that every Tom, Dick and Harry is well taken care of.

As the spending goes, do not forget to stick to the budget as overspending can cause you impediments. It is very frustrating to be facing the much awaited ‘Janu-worry’  with debts.

Take the opportunity to tour through the Namib Naukluft Park and experience the beauty of the dessert. A self- drive would allow you to see the oldest plant in the world; the Welwitschia. This is a great opportunity to witness the mind-soothing and welcoming sensation of the Namib Desert; providing you with both an educative and exciting adventure with family and friends.

Flashing and snapping those happy moments that will be treasured forever. Moments are fleeting, time passes before your eyes and every moment changes before you know it. Take pictures that tell a story about happy moments.

So if you haven’t been to the coast in the past, this is the time to make that decision. Pack all your belongings; do not forget your swimming costumes and sun screen and let that beautiful soul of yours have a rewarding treat to the fullest – simply because you deserve it.

Not forgetting to treat yourself with delightful seafood on the beach and enjoying sun set sessions that will help you and your loved ones appreciate life’s great gifts of nature.

Enjoy your summer holidays, drink responsibly and safe travels. Adios!

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