Thursday 17 June 2021
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This is not what adulting looked like

As a young kid, dreaming of  growing up one day and becoming a young adult seemed to be at the very top of everyone’s list. This is so because seeing people older than you back then, going out at night, buying new clothes or having purchased the latest mobile phone was something we all wanted for ourselves.

I’m sure the words ‘when I grow up I’ll buy a car, a house and many luxuries’ have definitely been uttered by most of us if not all, because everything as a kid seemed easily attainable. However little did we know that life wasn’t really set up that way.

For the most part of it adult life  seemed way simpler through our young eyes than what it is right now. As time passed while growing up, one slowly started to notice how life got a titbit difficult.

Things like having to wake up at 06h00 to get ready for school became such a drag. Unlike when you were much younger, life worked in your favour and allowed you to sleep in till whatever time your body wanted to.

Years pass and reality then finally starts to kick in when those found and still find themselves in university. At this point, this is where you soon start to realise that you can’t have your bread buttered on both sides because university either makes you or breaks you.

You’re then made to believe that you need to finish school in order to find a job which is somewhat true for some.

Fast forward you follow through with exactly that and just when you feel like you are now able to relax adulting pops up once again like ‘surprise nigga I ain’t done with you just yet’.

Everything becomes more difficult because finding a job after university is another hurdle you’ll have to jump once again.

It’s like starting over again with life but just differently, it’s as if the script of life has drastically been flipped inside out with no warning signs.

After months of searching you finally get a job and you’re happy because you’ve started to earn money, but at the end of every month adulting in the form of bills and helping out fellow family members who become dependent on you lurks around once more, which then puts a strain on your financial pocket.

All of a sudden problems you thought would never arise in your life start showing up and leave you questioning if this is what you really yearned for as a kid.

You soon start to realise that cars and home prices don’t even fit in your budget.

Everything becomes so stressful and exhausting, and wishes of wanting to go back to being a kid once again become a prayer you wish would come to pass.

Life would be much better if only we were briefed on how growing up is a set up in real life then maybe most of us who reach that stage would not be as surprised and drained by it as we are right now.

Adulting will never be a smooth walk in the park but take it from me things can be achieved no matter how difficult they prove to be.

As much as growing up sucks just keep on keeping on, you’ll surely make it through.

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