Thursday 17 June 2021
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Neville roasts Hilton with ‘Sobiso’

Renowned comedian Neville Basson had his comedy show for this year at the Hilton Hotel. Dressed in white converse sneakers with black jeans and long black shirt, Neville Basson surely lit up the stage and his audience.

The comedian was pleasantly amazed at the presence of the audience. The atmosphere filled with great laughter just as Neville got on to the stage in anticipation of the guru to deliver yet another one.

It was a ‘Sobiso’ or translate ‘so be it’ affair.

Host Sally J was the vibrant host, flanked in a funky outfit. From the onset, she caught the attention of the audience when she unleashed the comedy box by stating that the people were fashionably late. Stating “we informed you that the show starts seven o’clock but you people came late.” Africans and Namibians in particular have their game with almost everything, but no keeping up with time.

Performing in a venue filled to the rafters and with people standing in the doorways, the comedy show got underway with a welcoming old school performance by Oom P.

Kicking it back with the sounds of Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’, Oom P got all the attention from the audience. The crowd was pulled back to sing along a song that belonged to the genesis of the social lives.

The guru started off the business of the night with reference to an electric cable which was used to illustrate how Grace Mugabe beat the South African model for dating her son. “What kind of a Coloured girl gets beaten and does not react? The coloured girls from Namibia would not play with Grace,” he joked. Coloured women in Namibia are known for their violent and dramatic retaliations.

‘The Race’
The race was the much awaited tale of the evening part of the event as the audience shouted out with expectation and curiosity as to the outcome of the popular ‘race’ as advertised broadly.

The race was a 100 metre contest between the three friends Lazarus Jacobs, Frank Fredericks and Neville Basson. Frank and Neville grew up in the same neighbourhood and this motivated Neville to request a run off with the great Frank Fredericks.  Of course the winner was none other than Olympic champion Frank Fredericks.

The ‘race’ was a metaphorical depiction of the recently concluded SWAPO party congress portraying the political fight for leadership between Jerry Ekandjo, Hage Geingob and Nahas Angula. We all know how that ended.

Another chucklesome moment shared by Neville was the bank robberry that took place in Rehoboth. He narrated how the two people pulled a great stunt and after everything was done and dusted, one panicked and informed his mother. The mother was the one that reported her own child and he commented “Etse if it were a mother from Dolam they surely wouldn’t have reported their child – “My kind het dit nie gedoen nie” would be the typical cover up  from a mother from the location.

The jokes were diversified according to the audience enabling everyone to take one or two shots with a personal point of reference.

The night ended on a right note with the popular saying ‘bly in jou baan,’ – an Afrikaans narrative that means ‘stay in your lane.’

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