Saturday 17 April 2021
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It’s not a second chance, but a blessing

It is every young girl’s dream on a night out to have something salacious to narrate the following day. Unfortunately for 23 year old Ndapanda Anghuwo who woke up in a hospital bed instead of her own bed, oblivious of her the trauma endured by family members and friends breathing with relief that ‘at least she is still alive.’

The young and beautiful Ndapanda  was involved on in a horrific car accident that left her leg broken, almost amputated and now she is on her journey to healing all positive.

It was on the 30 April this year – a day young Ndapanda and her friends decided to just go out and have some fun. From one place to another, the fun continued until they had to hop to their last destination.

In pain, oblivious of what had happened the night before, Ndapanda’s life changed from that very day. Everything came to a standstill; from school to the life that was, now confined to the hospital beds. At the genesis of her hospital journey, a few doctors almost called for her crashed leg to be amputated, but thanks to a specialist who came to her rescue suggesting for an external affixation.

In counting, Ndapanda has been in hospital for about four months, a time she recounts to have dark and brighter days. One reason that should perhaps get her sad is the fact that her friends only sustained minor injuries and they are continuing with their lives, while she remains stuck in the white and green hospital linen. But this did not deter her.

“I am not sad about it because in life, these things are bound to happen to anyone and at any unexpected time. All I’m thankful for is the fact that I’m still alive and it is all because of God who gave me this second chance – a blessing indeed,” she said.

“I woke up to pain as the nurses were attending to my wounds. A part of the fracture did not have any skin so all I could see were bones. They took me into theatre and I only came out the following day.”

The first year student’s life hit rock-bottom, putting her dreams of becoming a teacher on hold. Ndapanda was a first year Education student at the International University of Management at the time. Frustrating as that was, the thought of not knowing how long the healing process will take was already enough to depress this girl at the prime of her life.

“It was terrible and just painful. I was moved from one hospital to  the other undergoing different operations. They had to cover the fractured part with skin and because they needed skin with muscles, they needed to cut deep. I was then transferred to Walvisbay for that operation.

“In the beginning it was ok because family and friends were always around to visit. I never got the opportunity to have a dull moment or let alone even think of the accident. But I knew this was not going to last long. Eventually the visits decreased but I understood the burden I had brought into the lives of those who love me. I just could not be selfish. I realized I needed to start doing any little thing I could for myself. Today, I dress myself and take care of my leg,” she added.

How she breaks with the past remains an admirable strength that many can only aspire to have. Having gone through the operations which will help stabilize bone and soft tissue, she has placed a positive outlook on her situation and refuses to allow people to pity her.

The surgical procedure provides unobstructed access to the relevant skeletal and soft tissue structures for their initial assessment and also for secondary interventions needed to restore bony continuity and a functional soft tissue cover. She has been living with the second external affixation for seven months. Nobody knows when she will completely heal but this still does not put her down.

“Everyone asks me how I have pulled through during these times and how I still remain positive. It is simple. My Bible pulled me through when I started building a relationship with God. I came to appreciate and be comfortable with my situation. I told myself that I need not depend on people visiting me because my happiness did not depend on the number of times, who, and when I was visited. In fact, I got to learn so much about the real me.”

At the pinnacle of her life-changing experience, Ndapanda spreads nothing but positivity about her situation. She is a big social media fan and this is how we came to know about her life story. Her Instagram account is full of happy photos almost every day.

“Breaking my leg was an experience. I had to amend my life in every way. I had to rearrange my social life. Today, I cannot do everything with my friends. I cannot go with them to all places but I learned to live life the way I can. Also, I learned to not to look for happiness in the company of people as they will not always be there. I got time for personal growth and I’m starting to love it so much.

“When I look myself in the mirror, I do not see a girl with a broken leg, I see a girl with big dreams. I know there is a reason why this happened to me because it is the same God that gave me all this strength,” she said.

Ndapanda now lives with her grandparents in Onakayale, saying her time to go back to school will come and she has no regrets about the 30 April 2017.

“I will pull through because my God is great. For now, I will be writing my life story and hope to inspire those who went through similar situations.”

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