Wednesday 14 April 2021
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December vs Dezember

Well, first things first, congratulations to everyone who made it to the final hurdle of the 2017 race. There’s nothing exciting than realising how close you are to the finish line, inconsequential of how you ran your race or how many times you fell, what really matters is that you reached the finish line.

Of all the twelve months of the year, this is the only month that comes in two divisions, December and Dezember. For those who choose to go the December way it means family time, travelling and filling up trolleys with anything frivolous that one’s mind can think of. Parents will be queueing in stores buying their kids’ Christmas apparel.

For those who choose the Dezember route it’s time to quench their insatiable thirst of having a good time, reckless driving, boozing and it’s only in Dezember where relationships go on holidays to resume in January. And oh yeah for the party animals it is one thing…Ke Dezember Boss! Whatever that means I have no idea but all I know is that it’s a phrase that we imported from our southern neighbours and it’s very common to see every Tom, Dick and Nyungila tweeting, Facebooking and uttering the phrase.
In Dezember those who have been drinking Castle Lite the whole year switch to Jameson. The sober ones move from drinking the highly affordable soft drinks to cocktails. The good thing about this highly commercialized month is that it does not leave the low end clique out. Xobosa drinkers also move over to Black Label. It’s on; every nigga wants to show the Joneses that they also arrived in Dezember.

They all want to show that they are the real ballers extraordinaire aka sheriff of the village or town to those who round off their villages to the nearest towns. It’s also good news to my imbecilic sisters. The Vrrrmphaa guy has arrived to lit up their Dezember at an affordable price of course.

It’s all fun and games until JanuWorry shows up. When people will be asking for transport money some even go on to selling their possessions. My kind hearted self feels propelled to forewarn those who are not penny wise.

This is one season where people use their hearts instead of using their minds when spending their hard earned cash. It really boggles my mind that a couple of days of a month can make people lose their marbles. What makes it worse is that some people go through the same thing every January but are just too hard headed to learn. The “once bitten twice shy” adage clearly does not apply because this scourge has been going on forever.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people should not have a good time but all I’m saying is that you should spend wisely. JanuWorry is around the corner and you don’t want to find yourselves visiting cash loans. We also don’t want to see anybody doing nasty things for money come January.  And let’s stop repeating the mistakes of old. There might be a litany of things you want to buy and do, but please make sure that imperative things like school registration fees, uniforms and imperative responsibilities are taken care off first.

Let us do away with reckless spending and impressing people we don’t know, with money that we don’t have. Whatever you decide to use these 31 days for, just make sure to keep the fun safe. Buckle up, don’t drink and drive, be wise and keep it real

That said make it a great December. One to remember, after all its Ke Dezember boss!

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