Thursday 17 June 2021
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Your mobile phone could kill you

It is said that at times the very thing you love the most. can end up killing you. Sleeping with your mobile phone next to you while plugged in to its charging socket is an untold horror story that only a few have heard of and many of us are yet to witness.

It is only when something very serious like mobile electrocution, causing death happens to someone close to you that the world then starts taking it really seriously.

Over the past few years Yahoo mail has shared stories about people who have become part of the statistics and have lost their lives due to electrocution. Electrocution could happen when mobile phones are left charging while sleepin or when bathing with your phone.

There have been various cases reported on mobile phone electrocution. Most recently, a fifteen year old girl lost her life when she fell asleep next to a fake damaged charging cable which killed her after she rolled over and was electrocuted by it during her sleep.

Another case reported was of a teen from Texas who was electrocuted by her mobile phone while taking a bath. The teen who had her phone plugged into an extension cord while in the tub was found with burnt marks all over her arm.

It is very important to keep in mind that one should not fall asleep with their mobile phones under their pillows because this can cause phones to explode due to overheating which can cause extensive face burns to users. Pillows are made from material which are more likely to catch fire and burn easily.

It is no secret that the world has become tech-savvy, this has resulted in humans not being able to cope well without their mobile phones. This can easily be classified as being addicted to this type of gadget. So the “need” to use a mobile phone 24/7 each day has grown.

The Lounge spoke to 20 year old Celestina Timoteus, who explained that she falls asleep with her mobile phone just like every other young person does. In most cases adults, rather than the younger generation are more aware of the dangers as to why people should not sleep with their phones.

“Sleeping with my phone does not pose as a threat because nothing has ever happened to me, I’ve however read of cases of people dying because they were electrocuted by their mobile phones but I believe we, the young generation do not take it too serious.”

She further explained that she feels that she needs to take better care when it comes to this issue as she does not want to be a victim of something that can be avoided well in time.

“The world as well needs more visual reminders to help reduce the chances of mobile electrocution from occurring, because this has done more than just pose as a danger to some, it has robbed families of loved ones as well.

She urges the public at large to avoid sleeping with any other gadgets on their beds as they can contribute to the chances of harming you.

“To think about it honestly it is just not mobile phones that are life threatening, falling asleep with your laptop as well while watching movies can also cause burns, because there is not enough ventilation for laptop fans when blocked by bed covers.”

Specialists over the years have recommended mobile phone users to place their phones at least three feet away from the body during sleep.

Tips to reduce risk of mobile electrocution
•    Do not use your mobile phone while plugged into a charging socket
•    Do not listen to music through earphones on your mobile phone while it charges
•    Do not sleep with your mobile phone while under your pillow or anywhere near you
•    Avoid showering with your mobile phone or getting it close to any source of water while plugged into an electric socket
•    If you really must charge your mobile phone while using it, use a portable charger or power bank
•    Do not buy fake chargers or batteries that are not compatible with the mobile
•    Don’t leave a charger plugged in overnight
•    Check the charger for damage
•    Don’t plug in your mobile phone in over loaded sockets

In addition, mobile phones are believed to emit a form of electromagnetic radiation which may cause cancer. In 2011 the World Health Organisation (WHO) brought forth information that there are studies conducted that explain the chances of mobile phones producing toxic effects which causes cancer.

Taking precautionary measures is very vital as it is better to be prepared and aware than to be caught off guard and found dead.

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