Thursday 17 June 2021
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Young T’s fourth offering – a chef-d’oeuvre

It is his third album. The lyrical genius has done it again producing another masterpiece, keeping both his tempo and his promise to stand out. The ‘Fikulimwe’ hit-maker has gone an extra mile this time with producing a 21 track album of Young T fine

The album is called ‘The Wise Ruler’ and already from the onset the tone is set. The listener could easily be listening to the next Song of the Year as expected from the NAMA 2017 Song of the Year and Best Kwaito  award victor.

On track 1 ‘Ohamba Saalomo,’ Young T brings the ancient narrative of the biblical King Solomon as the wise ruler, which is the theme of the album. Young t T lets us in a bit on how he lives to emulate the life of a wise ruler.

A week before the artist dropped his third offering, he let loose the music video of ‘Andeinde’ to tease his fans and make the waiting worth the while. The video has received more than 20 000 views in just a week and 56 636 by Tuesday afternoon this week.

In ‘Andiende’, the artist depicts a normal day on the streets of Windhoek while he addresses issues of his life. The lyrics are an excellent fit and take the flow that reminds you of his hit song from his second album ‘Levels’.

The lyrical assassin continue to speak of himself and as usual, pays tribute to his origins – Ongha in ‘Kamati kondilo’. ‘Kamati Kondilo’ speaks of how he prefers to be addressed as a young man of value.
The tempo elevates with ‘100 Million Mission,’ a song that just can’t keep you from appreciating conscious music. Here, like in ‘The Music Merchandise’ and ‘Philosophical Pages’ – the lad shows you how he has grown and this track cements this reality.

Young T introduces you to his expanding interest for both Hip Hop and Rap as he makes things clear with ‘I run this.’ He does the same in track 8 ‘My Baby’, this time blending with the vocalist Neslow.

On track 11, Young T dishes up another combo with ‘Twiietele’, doing it with a soukus beat and changing up genres a bit but equally doing justice.

Young T takes on the equally gifted kwaito star Exit, this time blending the UGU and Rockaz stables. The two redefine what it means to mix up the best of talents and take their collective talents to the next level.

Having praised the Mshasho stable for his infant music raise, Young T dedicates track 13, ‘Mshasho For Life’ to the record label.

Young T takes it deep, paying tribute to the stable that has helped not only himself but other artists to find their foot in the fraternity. The Dogg should be proud of this anthem.

Just when you thought he cannot go slow, Young T raises the bar with ‘Need You To Know’ in Track 14.

The artist describes what he terms “the only love story he knows that has no ending.” The songs is perfect to provoke thoughts of one’s individual love story while giving space to appreciate the individual narrative of the theme.

As the album continues to heat up, there is a gospel touch when Young T merges with Roswitha to deliver ‘Thank You My God’ on Track 16.

The praises and appreciation of the guidance from God above, Young T and the proficient Roswitha give their all.

A patriotic Young T pens down the perfect lyrics to praise the ‘Colourful Nation’- Namibia. With references to Harambee and the wealth of every town, Young T welcomes strangers to the Land of the Brave. The chorus of ‘Unity and Solidary’ blends in well to complete the song’s intentions.

In ‘Inospoela’, Young T gets kasi and speaks of the life in the dusty and raw locations. The struggle is real but the beat makes you comfortable with the kasi.

Young T hallmarks the album with a bonus track ‘Vuku Vuku’. The song is a familiar track that hit the airwaves just right after he made it to the NAMAs podium. It was seen to be a strong message to his haters but one cannot deny the true talent vested in the song.

There is a song for every hour and time.

Young T is beyond doubt a lyrical genius and despite what we as Namibians got used to with a lot of repetition in lyrical content, this artist shows that it can be done differently.

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