Thursday 17 June 2021
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Menstrual cramps are pure evil

Every month a woman’s worst nightmare (menstruation) visits her, sometimes earlier than expected. A female can never be prepared for the amount of pain she will probably have to endure during this seven day period.

Basically I can describe this as is ‘pure evil’, because why should women have to suffer such a severe pain for being good and not falling pregnant, I mean is this what a reward should be like?

If it were possible for women to skip their menstrual cycle without the fear of them expecting believe you me, every women would jump at the opportunity. These cramps are sometimes described as similar to that of giving birth by those that have before however not as extreme.

Menstrual cramps come with so much attached to it, from having sweet cravings, to being extremely concupiscent. Not forgetting the imbalance of hormones which cause most women to be overly emotional.

The world would be such a better place if countries would give women a few days off when they go through their menstrual cycle because if you look at it, it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Women would get to lie in their beds cuddled up in one position which is heavenly for any female and no one would have to deal with the stress.

Sadly this is an idea that would take forever before it ever comes to pass because people do not see menstruation as that much of a big a deal. I mean it’s not like you are about to die or anything.

Women basically have to resort to taking medicine and at times some even over dose on it just to supress the pain which is very dangerous.

A few people, would simply advise women to just go through the pain as it is normal, but like the saying goes ‘it’s easier said than done when you aren’t in the person’s shoes’.

However please note women, that if the pain ever becomes excruciating, it is advised that one visits a gynaecologist to find out the root problem of why you may be experiencing so much pain during your cycle.

There is no telling how long the cramps will last but remember to keep warm ladies. There are a few home remedies I usually use to treat my cramps.

On a normal day when I may be experiencing cramps, I normally avoid eating anything sweet like chocolate because as I have experienced sweet stuff adds on to the pain. I also make sure to keep extra warm to prevent any cold air from entering my body because I believe that cold air increases your chances of cramping real bad.

Other tips would also include not walking around bare foot where ever you are days before your period arrives and apply heat in form of a hot water bottle or a warm cloth around your abdominal area which helps relaxes your uterus muscles. Try to drink warm tea and get someone to massage you with essential oils on the lower back side of your body which normally helps reduce the pain of the cramps.
Don’t feel too horrible and dread menstruation because just like every situation that sucks in life this is just another monthly phase that too shall pass.

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