Thursday 17 June 2021
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Invest in the future of your child

As cliché as it may sound but is it the truth – young people are the “future” of our society. It is a statement we sometimes overlook. The political arena in the country, our political leaders also attest to the fact that young people are the future of our society but no serious action is taken. There seems to be no mentoring of young people taking place in order to prepare them for self-reliance.

Nonetheless, I want to familiarise you with the importance of empowering our children in order for them to be independent. How can parents and guardians or even society members prepare young people? What are all the aspects that need to be considered?

Of course, there are many psychological and economical facets that have to be deliberated. The effort needs to be from both the parent and child. It is a joint venture that should be based on common understanding and common goals.

The upbringing of a child to many is a very intense and challenging process. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. Priorities may differ, but we have to empower our children and allow them to choose their own future.
Financial Security
One can never turn a blind eye on the importance of financial assistance. As parents you are obliged to provide and support your child financially. It is a long-term investment towards the independence of children. Have a plan, a financial plan that helps you to support your child. Invest not only in education but also extramural activities that can complement educational privileges.

Social support
Social support refers to the actuality that a person is cared for and assisted by people. The social support encompasses many psychological and physical aspects that can empower children. It can be through supportive resources; emotional, tangible, intangible or companionship.

As parents you need to identify the need the child has; this has to be prioritised accordingly. It is of paramount importance that we consider the impact any decision we make has on the child.

One can never truly empower a person if they are not involved in the decision making process. We need to guide them but they need to set their own goals and know how they can achieve them. Also, they need to recognise the solution to the problem, how they can empower themselves and contribute to self-development.

It is that simple, let the children be exposed! Parents or care givers need to make their children aware of the external and internal environment. Let them explore; adventure is very important for any person, allow them to go on a school trip, let them volunteer at an Old age home or child care facility. They need to see the need within their society and have a sense of responsibility. When a child is exposed to the outside world they then can decide on the career path they want. We allow them to feel responsible towards what they want to achieve.

Let us be responsible parents and guardians, let us mentor and prepare our children to be independent future leaders. Empowering children does not mean we have to leave them to their own but we need to support them and allow them to make mistake but at the same time help them to fix them.

Our future leaders have to be free thinkers, those that have the fighting spirit within them but most importantly they have to be confident and have no doubt in their strengths and abilities.

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