Thursday 17 June 2021
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A 20 minutes workout saves the day

Tired of your everyday walk to the gym to get that summer body? Well, times have changed as technology moved from analogue to digital and now  Body20 Studio presents a new way of working out. It is impactful, short, fun  filled and highly effective. In addition it produces superior  results from the first session.

Body20 Studio understands the life of the 21st century virtuoso which means limited time in the gym and more time for your professional life whilst reaping those body goals.

This studio presents you with a stronger and fitter you in just 20 minutes per week. They do this  through their unique electro muscle stimulation training during a results driven workout.

The Lounge visited the studio this week for a demo session of the equipment used at the facility and right from the entrance, the environment lets you know that you are here to work.

The studio has a cardio, relax and strength program, catering for all your preferences. It is also home for body builders who are at an advanced level of training.

In the cardio room, fitness enthusiasts are out on a treadmill to walk, jog or run. Should you have an injury; the trainers will walk you through the injury step by step. Then there is a boxing session and other equipment to stretch those muscles.

The strength room is where much of the muscle exercise happens. The electro muscle machine builds resistance such that it works on your direct muscles. What stands out of this training style is that you get around 100 contractions at a time – which translates to a full body workout in less than an hour, 20 minutes to be precise.

But before the sessions start, the client gets into the InBody20 – an express body assessment tool – that is used to establish a baseline for each client’s body composition. This includes results on the client’s body fat percentage and lean mass content amongst other valuable information.

The client is then dressed in a specified suit that is connected to the machines that work on your muscles. Scharlarco Visagie who was recently introduced to the Body20 work-out sessions describes his experience to The Lounge.

“My experience of Body20 was nothing short of exciting. At first, the number of gadgets presented to me honestly scared me a little, but the team was very professional in guiding me as to how the apparatus works and they assured my safety.

“After all the gadgets were strapped onto most of my body, we then proceeded to take BMI measurements, which they will later use to draft an exercise and meal plan for me. At first I was thinking ‘what is this person trying to sell to me now? But as soon as I started the exercise session, I had to swallow my words real quick.

“The friendly staff guided me to the work-out room; they then proceeded to link me up to a very advanced exercising system that regulates the intensity of the exercise. They start off slow with the intensity levels and exercises and then gradually it is increased depending on your muscle ability.

“It’s really hard to put into words the sensation the machine causes, but if I had to it’s like a pulse that directs an intense vibration at specific muscle areas. The intensity of ‘the pulse’ is regulated during the exercise, so what happens is the machine causes your muscles to contract and the exercise you are doing works against that contraction – making you work out all your muscles at the same time.

“Standing there with nothing but two plastic balls trying to do bicep curls has never been so intense for me. I did a squat that felt like I was doing a push up, pull up and sit up at the same time. There is minimal physical activity needed during the exercise, but don’t be fooled – a lot of concentration and focus has to go into it. What was so uncanny for me was the fact that I sweat and felt like I worked out with the exhaustion of a regular work-out session.

“After I was done, the instructor then advised that there will be a recovering period after a day or two after the session and that I would feel a little discomfort during this period. She reminded me not to fret because this is normal and shows that your body had actually done some work.

“All in all if I had the financial capability, I would definitely sign up and attend every session. It was a truly something very different and I would recommend  it to anyone who is result driven looking for a professional environment in which to get fit.”

So if you want to get fit and see great results, try out the Electro Muscle Stimulation Training from Body works at the Body 20 studio located The Village in Windhoek’s Eros. The Body20 Lifestyle Centre is a dynamic studio with dedicated and fun-loving trainers that offers you a personal training experience unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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