Friday 18 June 2021
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Zimbabweans eye brighter future without Mugabe

It is the case of the sun rising after the rain, as Robert Mugabe’s resignation elicited reactions across the global community. Mixed feelings of ecstasy and abhorrence cloud the entire world.
Leaders in Africa and internationally as well as people through social media platforms have begun to share their thoughts on former Zimbabwean president Mugabe’s resignation.
Some have even coined 21 November 2017 as a new ‘independence day’ for Zimbabwe from its former long-serving nonagenarian. Mugabe spent over one-third of his lifetime ruling Zimbabwe.
The ruling ZANU-PF reinstated former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa as its new leader and for this reason, Zimbabweans have expressed mixed feelings when Mugabe stepped down, paving the way for his long-time friend Mnangagwa to take over. Mnangagwa will be sworn in today as the country’s interim leader.
Professor Jairos Kangira, a Zimbabwean academic and a professor of rhetoric studies who has researched extensively on presidential rhetoric and political communication said the move by the Zimbabwean military was necessary and long overdue.
“Mugabe should have stepped down from power a long time ago before he plunged Zimbabwe into an economic quagmire and political abyss that reduced Zimbabweans to paupers and refugees outside their motherland. As for Mnangagwa, I can vouch for him and remain confident that he can learn from Mugabe’s mistake and become a good leader.
I acknowledge that he will have a mammoth task in rebuilding a country that is in tatters with the help of the cabinet ministers, professionals, military and the international community,” said Kangira who is also who is also the Dean of Faculty of Humanities at University of Namibia.
He added: “Martin Luther King, Jr once said freedom is never voluntarily given up by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.
On this note, Zimbabweans have successfully exercised their democratic right to freedom in protest against Mugabe’s long tenure in office which has impacted the economy negatively due to poor governance.”
In a telephone interview with The Patriot soon after Mugabe handed over his resignation to the Parliament, a concerned citizen of Zimbabwe and businessman aged 42 (who refused to be named) said, “now that Mugabe has resigned, I am filled with joy and in fact feel so ecstatic that at last, Zimbabwe is free indeed.
Since independence in 1980, Zimbabweans had never enjoyed real freedom.”
“It was like stepping out of Ian Smith’s oppressive rule to sadly enter the worst ruthless dictatorship of our own black leader, Mugabe.
It is a given fact that Smith killed and abused less Zimbabweans than Mugabe -what a pity. So today the 21st of November 2017 is indeed the birth of a free Zimbabwe and should be declared and documented as the day Zimbabwe became independent from Mugabe’s dictatorship,” said the businessman. He added: “Whilst I am in this ecstatic mood, I also tend to sober up to the thought and hope that Zimbabwe shall never again be ruled by a tyranny of the likes of Mugabe.
Given this sobering thought, I also question my today’s found joy with scepticism that maybe it could still be too early to celebrate because another ZANU-PF leader in the name of Emmerson Mnangagwa appears to have been given the green light to rule by his current party leadership.”
Mnangagwa is well-known for his ruthlessness and brutality and in fact he is an extension of Mugabe’s ruthless rule and human rights abuses in the likes of Gukurahundi massacres (a genocide atrocity committed in 1981), murders of opposition party supporters prior to the second run-off of Presidential elections in 2008, following opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s win just under 50% of total votes, the controversial Operation Murambatsvina- also known as city cleansing and the Chiyadzwa Diamond mining murder. So, how safe are we in the hands of Mnangagwa?
Cry the beloved country, we cannot be all happy even at the fall of Mugabe the dictator.
“Further, we are vying for new players because ZANU-PF has failed us already. Many Zimbabweans are scattered all over seeking refuge because of Mugabe and ZANU-PF’s poor governance”, he said.
Bellina Chimuti(not her real name)39, a Zimbabwean high school teacher based in Zimbabwe, echoed similar sentiments regarding Mugabe’s resignation: “It came as a surprise to me because I did not expect it given Mugabe’s love for power.
I do not mind who is taking over, as long as Mugabe’s face is out of play, I have every reason to jubilate.
I suffered financially since the beginning of my teaching career in 2000 and I have a feeling that, we have crossed over the ‘red sea’ as Zimbabweans. Our Moses (Defence Forces Chief, General Chiwenga), has indeed delivered us from the hands of Pharaoh (Mugabe)”, she said.

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