Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Tables turned: Men get abused too

So many times we come across news articles and case reports on women who have gone through some sort of violence against them. This is not a fact that can be dismissed nor pushed to the curb as it occurs on a daily basis.

However what then when the roles are switched and women end up being violent towards men? Is the same effort still put in to make sure that men are also given the same platform that women are given when the topic of abuse is brought up?

Take rape for instance. As much as there are more women in the world who get raped compared to men, it  remains a fact that men also go through it. At times it may stem from childhood where young males get assaulted by older women, who on certain occasions have done it forcefully.

Take the video that was floating around on the internet not so long ago where three grown women raped a young male because they had told him it was wrong for him to be queer. The three women forcefully sexually assaulted the young male and recorded the whole incident.

During the process they made it a point to make sure the young male understood that it was wrong to be queer and that he has to use his private part on women as it was created for that purpose.

Women, and yes I used women as it should be known that this applies to every one of them whether they assault men or not, that attacking males whether their queer, weak, not out-spoken, soft and not masculine as you want them to be is wrong.

It’s a shame that men get treated a certain way and are expected not to retaliate when pushed to the edge, even though we all know every human has a breaking point.

I however commend men who are able to act in a responsible responsive manner when tested by the opposite sex. We all know that getting assaulted is a hard pill to swallow and is not something every man is open to.

Abuse affects men emotionally and most men have to live with the internal embarrassment of being assaulted by women but cannot do anything about it because people will tend to make a mockery of it.

In other scenarios, there are men who find themselves in abusive relationships for years, people would advise them to leave but truth be told it is not that simple.

Lack of finances may also play a role which is then taken as a sign of not being able to be the man of the house, by women who lose respect for their men and start belittling them just because they cannot afford to spend as much as their women would want them to.

I encourage men to learn to speak out and seek for help when they find themselves in these situations because not only does this save them from internally going through emotions that kill them on a daily, but  pushes them to be a helping hand to other men who may be going through the same situation.

Yes it may be embarrassing but having a peace of mind is what should matter most in an individual’s life.

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