Saturday 17 April 2021
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How Geingob duped the electorate in 2014

Swapo’s acting president Dr. Hage Geingob’s poor leadership, hurtful and insensitive leadership direction, and lack of disclosure about is personal manifesto usurping the existing SWAPO Party manifesto, duped the electorate in 2014.  The SWAPO Party congress meeting now has a chance to right that wrong.
In politics, a mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative.  The concept of government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of democratic election is a central idea of representative democracy. “New governments that have attempted to introduce policies which they did not make public during an election campaign are said not to have a legitimate mandate to implement such policies,” – a general definition.
The foregoing definition demonstrates how the acting president of the SWAPO Party, Dr.  Hage Geingob (the self-styled ‘president’ of the SWAPO party) is undermining the 87% mandate of trust and hope which was bestowed upon him by the Namibian electorate at the past general and presidential elections of 2014.
It is a fact that, while promising transparency in his government, Dr. Geingob has only now unveiled his individual private/public policies such as the Harambee Prosperity Plan (PPP) and now his private election manifesto for the congress.  These policies were disclosed after he was elected President of the Republic of Namibia, which constitutes a betrayal of the mandate given to him by the electorate.
The introduction of his private/public policy instruments such as his own manifesto, run parallel to and therefore undermine the SWAPO Party’s election manifesto and other SWAPO Party-led government national programs such as vision 2030.
This is testimony to Dr. Geingob’s inability to instill public confidence and trust.   The good will of the people is honoured by a social contract sealed through public policy instruments discussed and approved by a wide base of representatives (such as the SWAPO party election manifesto) which he has replaced with his personally conceived private ones that were not consultative, considered nor approved at any SWAPO Party structure level.
This could qualify Dr. Geingob to be regarded as a betrayer who is not fit to hold any public office in the future upon the expiring of his current national term of office as President of the Republic of Namibia on 21 March 2020.
It will be a disaster for the SWAPO Party in particular and Namibia in general, should Dr. Geingob be elected as ruling party president, as he has clearly shown his true colors beyond any reasonable doubt.  He does not represent any wider public or societal interests or values.  He represents his own narrow personal political and economic survival interests.
Under Geingob’s administration, perfidy in his democratic election mandate has become the norm and manifestation in many spheres.  This is tantamount to deceit of highest order against the electorate who voted for him with a hope that he would serve as a transformational, visionary, unifying and empowering leader.  To the shock and dismay of many people, he has turned out to be just another one of the highly-educated autocratic and dictator Presidents who destroys his own political party from within as he seeks to entrench his power base.  He is now counted amongst political leaders who have run the economies of their countries to junk economic status (that can lead to a failed state), characterized by untold suffering for ordinary citizens. This is like what former president Robert Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.
Geingob’s misrule which is grounded on the violation of the SWAPO Party constitution and lack of courtesy in terms of interpersonal human relations, is increasingly becoming a nightmare- causing broken hearts, disappointments and frustrations for many Namibian citizens across the political, economic and social spectrum. The economic ruin and hardship resulting from the mismanagement of the now downgraded Namibian economy causes a lot of distress for many under the Geingob’s individualized or privatized administration of ‘two centers of power.’
Dr. Geingob and his inner circle are the ones practicing the two centres of powers: a personality cult centered on Geingob himself and his private election manifesto.  The SWAPO Party is under attack, and it needs to be rescued and revitalized by genuine, progressive and patriotic leadership.
Many people in Namibia and beyond are daily hurt by Dr. Geingob’s careless and insensitive leadership style.  Geingob’s failing leadership approach has put Namibia in a political mess.
The socio-economic political sphere prevailing in Namibia at the moment, under Dr. Geingob’s misrule is of great cause for concern. And it is worsened by the fact that the country has a leader in the highest office in the land who is not prepared to actively consider constructive ideas and advice from some comrades or friends unless it is traded for praise-singing about him.
Under the leadership of the acting president, the party is in disarray with many nullifications of election outcomes or recalls of elected officials intended to selectively stop some members from attending the 6th Congress, especially those suspected of being against Geingob’s presidential bid.  This situation undercuts the validity and credibility of the entire SWAPO Party and must not be allowed to stand; the ruling party is the single centre of power in Namibia and must not be weakened by anyone, least of all its erstwhile leaders.
Dr. Geingob is the source of hurt in the party, amongst the people and for the country itself.
It hurts when hundreds of school children are sent back home from school hostels due to budgetary constraint as it was recently reported in the Omusati Region and some other parts of our country.
It hurts when many health facilities are without medicaments, patients sleep in hallway beds, women deliver babies and ailing citizens die in waiting rooms while millions of dollars are wasted through corrupt practices in Namibia.
It hurts when Dr. Geingob acts divisively and in a disreputable and insulting manner as he did when he officially declared before SWAPO party leaders that “I have identified my sIate of people I can work with”.
Geingob behaving in such a manner is selfish and churlish as it undermines coherence and feelings of unity in the party.  Is this slate a replica of the G40 of former ZANU-PF’s former President Robert Mugabe and his Grace Mugabe which has nearly destroyed ZANU-PF’s credibility and standing in Zimbabwe?
How are the SWAPO Party leaders and members expected to work or cooperate with him (Geingob), after he has dictated the select few that he has anointed as the only party members he can “work with?”
It is Geingob supporters who first came up with political labels such as ‘Dr. Hage Geingob 100% supporters’, ‘Team Harambee’, etc…   These monikers, quietly accepted by the acting president of the party allowed him to be tacitly crowned as a THE leader, at the expense and exclusion of the  rank and file of the entire SWAPO Party membership who follow the official SWAPO Party election manifesto only.
This approach of Dr. Geingob’s exclusion of other SWAPO Party leaders runs in direct contradiction to his meaningless sloganeering and empty promise of ‘no one should feel left out’.
It further hurts, when Geingob betrays the hope and trust of many of his supporters by disconnecting and uprooting the historical link of the descendants of the victims of German genocide some of whom are still in the diaspora but are insensitively referred to as ‘foreigners’ in his official speeches.
This is particularly hurtful to a segment of the Namibian people who are supposedly not to be ‘left out’ because some of those genocide victim descendants such as Hanganee Kavezeri  (Katjipuka) and Kaleb Tjipahura  and many others have sacrificed  their lives for the liberation of this great country just like other patriotic Namibians.
Katjipuka was a field commander in the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) while Tjipahura was a former Robben Island prisoner and former PLAN combatant as well. They both were Batswana of Namibian origin. Therefore it hurts when Geingob recklessly under-values the issue of genocide with insensitive remarks such as “…some people want the genocide money in order buy 4×4 bakkies/cars.”
There are thousands of descendants of the victims of genocide who want to return home from Botswana, but for more than two years they remain in limbo, without hearing any word from the Namibian government, with regard to their repatriation to their home country of Namibia.
It even further hurts when thousands of Ovaherero and Ovambanderu returnees who presently live in Eiseb and Gam are treated like stateless people as they are issued with citizenship by naturalization while in reality their natural rights of status of origin qualifies them as citizens by descend as their ancestors originate from this country. Many youth from Eiseb and Gam (returnees from Botswana) are struggling to be integrated into the mainstream of the Namibian society as their citizenship status by naturalization make them as if they are second-class citizens in their country of origin (Namibia). Majority of this youth struggles to get employment or to further their studies at tertiary education levels due to their citizenship status, therefore all these hurts.
It hurts when Geingob trivialises the issue of ancestral land by asking cynical rhetorical questions and dismissing the real concerns of the Namibian people.  This type of attitude by a person who is supposed to instill hope, leaves much to be desired of him.
It hurts when the leader who is at the helm of our government and state, does not demonstrate any sense of direction in these challenging recessionary times of economic hardship.  When he should be assuring the people, offering mediated assistance to those affected worse by the economic collapse in Namibia, he is single-mindedly concerned about his political survival through hook and crook at the expense of societal survival.  Good leaders step up in hard times and lead by example from the front; they do not dictate platitudes and slogans from the back.
It hurts when thousands of workers are being retrenched and SME companies are closing down, yet the working relationship between the workers in Namibia and the  SWAPO Party under the insensitive leadership of the acting President, is at all time low level.
The congress meeting now has a chance to vote for a renewed and unified SWAPO Party.  The record of Dr. Geingob, introducing policies of his own after he was elected to office regardless of the existing SWAPO Party manifesto.  Dr. Geingob is working against the party’s best interest and his track record thus far is there for all to see and consider before voting.  End the ‘hurt’ and bind the party’s wounds;  give the nation a new breath of fresh air of credible, experienced leadership to help households make it through this current economic storm.  Halt the nation’s slide towards becoming a failed state and bring SWAPO into tomorrow, stronger than it is today.

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