Saturday 17 April 2021
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Which way SWAPO party, which way Namibia?

As the Swapo  Party convene  6th  Congress, many patriotic Namibians are asking themselves which way will the SWAPO Party leadership, especially those reigning at the helm of this great  broad-based  political organization will lead this culturally diverse  rainbow nation to?  This is so, because, many political observers of note, including some founders of this great former liberation movement opines that SWAPO is no longer the same as the original one they have founded.
The majority of SWAPO Party members, and interested political observers are perturbed and disappointed by the lack of transformational and visionary leadership at the helm of this party at the moment.
The  Swapo  Party find herself at the  crossroads  wanting, and crippled by uncertainty about issues of future  peace and stability, as far as sound  leadership  and  good  governance are concerned . This is  due to the  fact that the party  constitution is being  violated  with  impunity, left , right and centre  on  daily  basis  and  from  all  accounts by those who are right at the top of the party leadership hierarchy. They do so for egoistic self-servicing purpose to hold onto power by abusing and violating the Constitutional rights and obligations of other SWAPO Party members.  Some of us have been subjected to political harassment, insults and other inhuman abuses through the social media and other platforms by the supporters of the incumbent SWAPO Party Acting President who behave  themselves in  the style of vigilante and enemy provocateurs.
Majority of the party members are now living in fear, dissatisfaction, anger and tension as our fundamental human rights and civil liberties are being attacked and eroded day in day out by those who reign with terror of intimidation, harassment, suppression, oppression and coercion.

The current leadership at the helm of the Party, is not only divisive in approach and style, but worse enough is dictatorial, autocratic and totalitarian in practice. The party is not only being introduced to the new culture of absolute loyalty to the DEAR Leader (personality cult/mini God) in the style of salve to salve master worship, King or Queen and subjects, and master and servant relationship approaches, but the party‘s shared values of fairness, equality, solidarity, freedom and justice for all are being compromised, trampled upon and disregarded by the politically insensitive reckless   care free  leadership in the offing. The SWAPO Party rank and file are tormented by the Pop Star populist style of leadership which is not concerned with issues of public or stakeholder interests  but rather over-concerned with self-praise and propagating empty promises .
For one to breath, you are forced by circumstance of autocratic leadership beyond your control to fake it by showering praises of personality cult about the incumbent bad leadership.  Holding or being  of a different view on   public policy matters vs those of the incumbent leadership is treated as being anti-them (the incumbent leadership).  The personal interest of the incumbent leadership override those of societal or stakeholders collective interests.
Political power in the new SWAPO party is being individualized and privatized: being robbed from the party as the centre of power and transferred onto the acting President and his favored network/ inner circle or private kitchen cabinet.  No wonder that Namibia has now many cabinet at state level, and it appears that scenario is being informally replicated at party level.
The SWAPO party is experiencing  a leadership crisis and deficit at the moment due to the choose and pick (favoritism/bias ) approach  being employed by the current leadership in relating to the rank and file of the party membership.  This scenario makes the majority of the SWAPO Party members to ask, which way SWAPO Party, which way Namibia?  Is the current top SWAPO Party leadership in their acting, real and imagined roles mindful of their destructive and self-defeating actions which undermine and erode social coherence, mutual respect and co-existence in the party in particular, and Namibia in general?
Many SWAPO Party members in particular, and other Namibians in general are rightly worried, as they continues to ask which way SWAPO Party and which way Namibia as they sense and feel that our party being driven into political oblivion.  Is Namibia  being steered on the direction of a failed state? The answer is yes.

Yes, because, the incumbent SWAPO leadership habitually violates the constitution.  The  importance  of  the  party  constitution  cannot  be  over emphasized  as  it  is  the  document  or  social  contract  which  glue  together  all  party  members on equal  ground , protects  our  human  dignity  and  fundamental human  rights  such  as  freedom  of  association  and  freedom of  speech  amongst other  rights  and  liberties.
The political environment in SWAPO surrounding the forthcoming Congress is comparable to a military battle field where those of us who happen to be not supporting the Acting President are taken for real enemies by some of his supporters.    One hope that the congress will be free of bloodshed and other chaotic and anarchic manifestations, if, disruptions, interruptions, insults, disrespect  and other unruly and anti-social behavior  being meted out and displayed  with impunity by some of the acting president’s supporters against none of his supporters are to be taken into consideration.  Some of the Acting President supporters have individualized politics in SWAPO around the acting President, and   this make a mockery of democracy, or perhaps is fake democracy at play.
The SWAPO Constitution, the SWAPO election manifesto, the Namibian Constitution, and  government vision 2030  have been replaced and usurped by the acting president’s private and individualistic  manifesto of his slate which was never debated  or approved at any of the SWAPO Party structures, be it at the section, branch, district, regional, political bureau ,  central  committee or congress levels. In the unlikely situation of him (Geingob)  winning , now which election manifesto will prevail in SWAPO and government? His  privatized and discriminatory manifesto of his slate or that of the SWAPO Party which was collectively formulated and endorsed/approved by the SWAPO structures?   This make one wonders  which way is the SWAPO Party and Namibia headed  to under  what appears to be autocratic Pop Star leadership of the acting President who  is individualizing  and centralizing power around himself and those he favors at the expense of other party members.
The individualization of power by the acting President is of great concern as this is the leader who is now portrayed as the President of SWAPO without having been elected at any SWAPO Party Congress.
If he accept to be called the President of SWAPO without having been elected by any SWAPO congress, what will stop him from claiming to  be President for life, once he get elected President?  Namibia must guard against falling into the trap of failed African States with Presidents for life where Dictators overstay their welcome while the citizen of their countries are suffering from poverty, and subjected to human rights abuses. One hope that, we are not destined to  see the imprisonment and physical elimination of perceived and real political opponents of the acting  president,  should he win, as the political atmosphere in the party at the moment point in that direction.


One is even more worried because, the leader, who is claimed to be the President while he was not elected at any SWAPO party congress to date, is the one whose reliability and consistency is questionable?  Questionable in the sense that, the acting president of the SWAPO party, Dr Geingob is notoriously known for using and dropping  friends and comrades when he no longer need them or see them of any further use like he did with some of us.  This is the chewing gum syndrome which we were pre-warned about, when we were supporting him in the past.  Let the readers be informed  and cautioned ,that the fate of sidelining, marginalization, insult and vilification by the acting President Dr Hage Geingob and  some of his supporters – via- a chew gum syndrome  is not confined to some of us only: Kazenambo, Desmond Amunyela, Lazarus Jacobs, Vaino  Nghipondoka, Armas Amukuyu(AA), Johnny Doeseb of Walvis Bay,  and Kuvee Kangueehi (KK),  but the Founding President and Father of the Namibia Nation, Dr. Sam Nujoma was the first  target and victim of this abuse  and insult, when he was compared  to former notorious dictators: President Kamusu Banda of Malawi and Mobotu Seseko Bengu wa Kimbanga of Zaire.
Impeccable  sources reports that, up to today, Dr Geingob boycotts  and refuses to sign birthday cards of the Founding President. What a revengeful and ungrateful Geingob who without any feeling for others irrespective of what sacrifices they make for him personally, he allows the denigration and vilification of his former friends and Comrades unjustifiably as long as those who are doing it are his supporters?

The foregoing makes you ask, what is awaiting  for some of us in particular, and this nation in general should all the power be concentrated on him without any check and balances on account of the centre of power remaining in the SWAPO Party as opposed to power being concentrated on one individual. Which way is the SWAPO Party and Namibia headed to under the acting President worse autocratic and dictatorial leadership?   It appears that the SWAPO Party and Namibia under the leadership  of  Dr Geingob is about to be the replica of ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe who cannibalize his former friends and Comrades to perpetuate himself  onto power.  What a parallel similarity of political leadership scenario of Namibia and Zimbabwe which strike evil negative and notorious  similarities in sprit and deeds?  Wake up Namibia and smell the coffee before it is too late.

Let Namibians, especially the SWAPO Party delegates to the 6th Congress, not allow the SWAPO Party and  Namibia to count amongst the failed African States.
Let the delegates as collective reject the individualistic self-preservation, self-servicing egoistic election manifesto of the acting President purposed  on  the concentration of power on an individual.  Power must remain in the SWAPO  Party as one centre of power as it represent the diverse interests of the workers, students, youth, women, elders , farmers, employers, and other stakeholders as it has been the norm and culture all the years.  The blood of the brave  combatants of Nicodemus Kahimemua, Samuel  Maharero, Nehale ya  Mpinghana , Ipumbu ya Shilongo, Mandume ya Ndemufayo, Jacob Murenga,  Hendrick Witboi,  and Sam Nujoma waters our freedom. We have attained our liberty and freedom  through prime sacrifices, therefore we will not trade/auction them for the cheap politics of the belly  by demonstrating loyalty and obedience to the likes of US President George Bush who has the blood of the Iraqis by lowering ourselves before him like our incumbent leadership likes to do. We are proud people with proud history who freed ourselves, therefore we will not allow the SWAPO Party to be replaced by the Acting President as the centre of power because the SWAPO Party represent the diverse collective interests of its membership while the acting President represent the sectarian political slate of his  favored few SWAPO members  he prefer to work with . The SWAPO party must and shall prevail as one centre of power now and in the future. Long live the SWAPO Party Long live Namibia!!

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