Wednesday 14 April 2021
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It’s always double trouble for the world of dance when the Faycal twins take to the stage. Twins Nsimba and Nzuzi who is also known as Bruno are proof that while haters are going to hate, winners will keep winning. The twins who famously lead Oteya’s choreography have been in the dancing industry for a long time.

The boys started a dancing crew ‘The Seven’ with other five dancers when they accompanied Oteya to the NAMAs in 2014. Starting off as seven dancers, the pair ended up alone before another member of the crew rejoined them. “Although we were only three left, we decided not to change the name of the crew because it was not about the number of dancers but rather what it stood for and how it started,” said Nsimba.

They also danced as the FTS (From the Streets) duo before they were arrested during the NAMAs in 2016. The detention led them into probation which affected their dancing career.

“We really like dancing but since we were stopped from dancing we decided to just stay at home. We also needed something to console us thus we started rehearsing and practicing at home to motivate ourselves. When you love something no matter what happens, even when it does not bring you any income, as long as you are doing it, you will keep going. Dancing is like a way of expressing yourself, it brings joy and it makes you feel good,” they stated.

“Ever since we went to prison, everything stopped. We currently just dance for the love of dancing and to avoid being at home doing nothing. Right now there is nothing that we can really do, but we will use our dancing to boost ourselves until next year when things change. We will keep pushing and fighting until next year when we will take a step forward,” added Nsimba.

The twins also expressed disappointment in the local music industry saying that Namibian artists are fighting each other instead of building each other. Bruno stated that instead of local people instilling hope in each other, their hope comes from other countries and that is why most people in Namibia dance like South Africans and some like Americans.

“Namibians do not give each other hope instead they choose to fight one another. That’s what they are doing to us but we always hold upon our hope. We need to start supporting each other. As a group that needs to move forward we keep our hope high and we choose to believe because breaking oneself doesn’t give any motivation, it doesn’t take you anywhere. You can’t always let people break you down, but use that to strengthen you instead,” said Bruno.

Just like other people who work together Bruno and Nsimba also have disagreements. “We disagree with each other at times but at the end of the day one person has to make the last decision. Most of the times I make the last decision because I know that at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to make a decision that will destroy us. I make the decision because I love dancing, I really love what I do so it means I put so much effort in it that whatever decision I take it must take us forward and not pull us back. We do fight here and there and that’s normal,” said Bruno.

The twins who are originally from Angola came to Namibia in 2003. They went to Mandume Primary School and later split when Nsimba went to Ella du Plessis and Bruno went to Jacob Marengo. Although they do not have any siblings they say that they always regard anyone who is on their side as a sibling. “We grew up here, we watched Stanley on TV and that was the time we thought of joining a crew to start dancing before we even thought of dancing for anybody else,” they recalled.

They started dancing for Faisal MC and they also worked with a couple other artists. “One thing about us is that we are very loyal. We do not like being everywhere, we can be in music videos but when it comes to dancing we stick to one artist,” they stated.

They are very identical which makes it very easy to confuse them especially when you are not too familiar with them. “We have a lot in common and do most things together. For instance we play soccer and basketball together and we’re good in it. We have so much talent that we don’t pursue. It’s just a thing of having it in your heart, you love doing it but you just can’t follow it. We also love assisting people, we always want to see people happy that’s why we make use of what we have which is dancing,” they mentioned.

Despite being identical, they are also different twins which makes it a bit easier to differentiate them. They do not always hang out together and they differ in size and their voices.
Nsimba:                        •    Easy going        •    Soft and humble        •    Has a tattoo        •    Outgoing

Bruno:                          •    Calls a spade a         spade              •    Talkative            •    Introvert

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