Saturday 17 April 2021
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The Dogg wins African’s hearts with ‘Shuukifa Kwii’

The Namibian and African fans have spoken and their hearts belong to The Dogg. This was confirmed at the recent continental showcase – the all Africa Music Award (Afrima) held in Lagos when the Namibian bagged the Afrima Fan’s Favourite award.

After four nominations, the music pugilist brings his first home – 23 carats of gold. Up against Donald (South Africa), Olamide (Nigeria) and Young Paris (DRC), The Dogg elbowed out heavyweights from nations with the population numbers and vote advantage to take this one for Namibia and the Mshasho stable.

The night’s big winner was Wizkid. The Nigerian took two awards – Artist of the Year and Song of the Year – along with the Best Male West Africa award. Tiwa Savage won the female equivalent of the award. Michael Pulse and Sally Boss Madam were also nominated for awards in the Best Male Inspirational and Best Female Artiste in Southern Africa respectively. Sally was Namibia’s winner last year.

“I feel great and I am proud to have put Namibia on the map. It is humbling and the fans have spoken loud this time. The award opens doors and it will be easy to collaborate with other continental giants going forward,” said The Dogg.

The Dogg had recently tipped his fans that ‘Concrete Jungle’ (his new album to be released end of this month) will be his last offering to music, but after finally bagging an Afrima, the kwaito sensation says he has second thoughts.

“This award brings a lot of hope and courage to do more. I have second thoughts about quitting but I do not want to indulge into that for now. It makes me think that I cannot just leave my fans hanging now that I gave them hope. They are the ones who gave me everything I have today.”

For over a decade, The Dogg has been a musical force to reckoned with. At home, he has done for himself everything synonymous to success, while inspiring fans and upcoming artists to emulate his journey to success. Although The Dogg does not regard himself successful yet, the over 50 awards in his trophy box certainly say otherwise.

Asked how he has kept himself relevant in an industry where many have come and gone without a goodbye note, The Dogg says it was all due to his hunger and drive, which he still possesses to this day.
“What makes my music unique is the fact that I am also unique – my music speaks for itself. I do not do much of dance music. I do inspirational  music; good beats and music that speaks to the heart. It’s not your type of music that you would hear playing frequently in clubs but the fans love it. My fans have brought me this far and I still feel I have not done enough for them. I still have the hunger and drive, something I think that has kept me relevant to date. Every album I do, I feel like it is my first,” said The Dogg.

For the past two year alone, The Dogg has done himself superbly well. He has earned himself recognition outside music like being a face for multinational company KFC, signing business endorsements with Air Namibia and still being a driving force with the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ ‘Smart Cut’ campaign.

How he has managed to devour his plate of responsibilities and still remain at the top of his game remains his reference to being unique.

“I’m lucky to have married someone who understands me, does not give me tough time and allows me to be me. She allows me to be in the studio and on the road. In the end, one just has to balance things and she understands that about me. When I am home, I am home and give all my attention to my family. But I have to go out there because love doesn’t pay the bills.”

Speaking on the journey forward after the Afrima award, The Dogg highlighted that he will be dropping probably his last album at the end of November and will then focus on taking care of his clothing line and record label- this is his legacy which he wants to leave even when he is no more. He said the award has also opened doors of international collaborations after rubbing shoulders with Africa’s great Oliver Mtukuzi in Lagos and lending an eye for prospective future projects.

“But I would like to continue doing humanity projects and have an influence in touching lives.”

Now standing in a position where he can look back to the journey that was, The Dogg advises upcoming artist to stay true to themselves should they aspire to climb the music ladders.

“Just be true to yourself and remain humble. Do not be afraid to express yourself and go out there. A lot of people think all this opportunities come to my doors, no. You have to be willing to go knock at doors and pitch your proposal – I do that. Also, respect your fans because you are not higher than them. In my case, they are the ones who made me.”

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