Thursday 17 June 2021
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Kandorozu’s ‘cash loan’ under the spotlight

Nudo deputy secretary general Vetaruhe Kandorozu is accused of using the party’s money to fund his cash-loan business.
In a document compiled by Kavendjii Tjahuha that is in this publication’s possession, the former NUDO national coordinator is accusing the party’s leadership of being corrupt and at the same time, albeit indirectly, accusing Kandorozu of using party funds to keep his personal cash-loan business afloat.
At the heart of the written sparring, which unravelled promises of positive campaigning, was who the ideal candidate is to lead the party. However, the acrimony was couched under the cloak of whether either of the candidate have enough political mileage to take the party forward.

Tjahuha’s remarks come in the wake of allegations levelled against NUDO’s presidential hopeful Utjiua Muinjangue two weeks ago.
The youth league accused her of putting her own interests above that of the party according to the youth league’s acting secretary general, Veparura Kandirikirira.
Kandirikirira’s sentiments are premised on a statement made by Miunjangue in an earlier interview with The Patriot.

In the said interview, Muinjangue cautioned her NUDO comrades that if she is not voted as the party’s next president when NUDO holds its elective congress in 2018, the party’s seats in Parliament “may reduce to one or even zero’’.
A disappointed Kandirikirira responded: “NUDO Youth League is very disappointed to hear such statement from a person who wants to lead this party. As young leaders we believe, in collective or team work which means Comrade Muinjangue must work very hard to ensure that NUDO increase its votes with or without her as a party President. NUDO is not owned by any individual member to threaten members with such a statement.”
Tjahuha is accusing Kandirikirira of being ill-disciplined and that the latter was being used by the pro-Vetaruhe Kandorozu faction to discredit Muinjangue’s presidential credentials.

“Let us look at the current NUDO leadership. Who is coming closer to what Comrade Utji Muinjangue has contributed in furtherance the wishes and objectives of our late President? Nobody in the current NUDO leadership-period,” stated Tjahuha.
Tjahuha goes onto to say: “Supporting someone who is every now and then being accused of mismanaging party funds through his cash loan system, is a clear indication that Comrade Kandirikirira, himself is part of a corrupt leadership.
Supporting someone who is completely corrupt to the extent that he is using party funds for his personal campaign, reminds that the Youth League leader could not be the one pointing fingers at others. Who is placing his or her own personal interests before that of the party as you claim in your article?”

The current NUDO leadership that stands accused of corruption is composed of Asser Mbai (president), Meundju Jahanika (secretary general) and Vetaruhe Kandorozu.
When pressed to reveal which NUDO leader was mismanaging party funds to run his cash loan and campaign, Tjahuha refused to divulge the name.
“I cannot give you the name. A person’s name costs money. But he knows himself,” remarked Tjahuha upon inquiry.
However, it is clear that Tjahuha’s fingers are pointing at Okakarara Constituency councillor, Kandorozu who is part of the NUDO leadership and owns a private cash loan in Okakarara.
When approached by The Patriot, Kandirikirira downplayed the allegations mounted against him before branding Tjahuha a “frustrated nobody in NUDO”.
The youth leader went on to rubbish claims that he was being used by the pro-Kandorozu faction.

Speaking to this publication upon enquiry, Kandorozu said it was premature to comment on the allegations levelled against him.
“I will not comment on that. It is too childish because the party has not even launched the official campaign,” said Kandorozu.
Kandorozu added: “It is also pointless to respond to Tjahuha’s claims. We don’t even know whether he’s a party member or not. For the first time in Nudo’s 13 year history, are books are with the auditors and will be presented at congress next year.”
On his implicated cash loan business, Kandorozu said: “My cash loan has nothing to do with Nudo,” he vaguely stated.
Utjiua Muinjangue and Vetaruhe Kandorozu are the two leading contenders for the party’s top seat. Their camps have since launched vile attacks in a bid to discredit each other.
The elective congress is slated for February 2018.

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