Monday 19 April 2021
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Dear Namibians, enough with the hypocrisy

I have been thinking about this for some time now and I have been failing to understand my fellow Namibians. But now that I have sufficiently collected my thoughts I have come to realise how two faced we are in this country. I tell you, the level of disloyalty in this land of ours is beyond measure.

I agree with a colleague who once said that you cannot be anyone’s role model in Namibia. It’s true, in this country you will be hailed for the good that you have done today and roasted on the next day like you have never done any good in your life. There seem to be no room for failure in this country because the moment you slip everyone will be on your neck like you have never done any good. I am really tired of seeing people making fun of another human being who is willing to try. What disturbs me the most is the fact that we make fun of people we once cheered up for.

The thing about my fellow Namibians is that when you achieve something they will raise you to such a high pedestal that you literally become an idol. Everyone will be clapping hands for you and everyone would want to take a selfie with you. Being placed on that pedestal comes with a condition, you do not step down unless you step up and never down. Yes there is no room for mistakes or failure because the moment you slip and fall we’ll watch you fall without any attempt to catch you.

Once you are placed so high try failing and see the can of worms that you will open. No, worms are too benign it will be floodgates. You will be opening the floodgates of very volatile statements towards you. The very same people who praised you will now be the one’s rubbing their hands in glee when you fail. They will be making memes of you, you will be given names and you will be roasted nicely because Namibians are that good.

When are we going to start seeing the bigger picture? Or are we so used to being ahead of the pack that we cannot imagine being underdogs? I am not saying we should only be hand clappers and not criticizers but we should be doing so in a considerate manner. Think about the person that you are criticizing do you really think they would want to go for the same race again when we say all these bad things to them?

Shaming and naming people when they fail is not going to help us, it may make us feel good if that’s even the case but it will never do any good to the person its being done to. So how about we try something different and see what happens. Failing is not a crime so stop crucifying people for not making it. In fact we need to stand beside them and help them do better.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that Namibians are not supportive because they are. They will go all out for you they will even spent sleepless nights to watch how you do. But the moment you disappoint them and fail to meet their  expectations you will regret being Namibian. Let’s stop being hypocrites.


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