Monday 19 April 2021
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Big Ben’s new single ‘Numba Numba’ a hit

You get nothing but the best of conscious music from Namibia’s very own talented Big Ben. And while we are at it, the music specialist has dropped a soulful hit ‘Numba Numba.’

The song has been issued free of charge until Big Ben’s upcoming album comes out in a few weeks’ time. The song speaks of ‘that one song that every couple needs to have and respond when they hear; the special song they danced to when they met.

Big Ben has come out strong once again with this single, blending Afro-Soul, Pop and as always has that consistent signature to the genres. The lyrics are in various languages and his acoustic guitars hold the entire piece together.

“I wanted to do a song that Namibians can always tick when it plays. I wanted that song that couple would say it’s their song. We do not have that song that couples or simply friends can dance to together. I gave it a groove touch, not too slow or too fast,” said Big Ben.

In our previous interview with Big Ben, he mentioned that his goal is to always make music with a message and songs that everyone can dance to. He has surely lived up to this with ‘Numba Numba.’

The song has received a massive reception from the fans, with thousands causing heavy traffic on the artist’s website ( to download the song for free.

The song comes with a Facebook-based video contest with up to N$1000 cash price and much more.

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