Monday 12 April 2021
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Wi-Fi on the go with Pamwe taxi

With Namibia having a range of taxi services such as Dial a cab and eCab it is an open secret that trying to penetrate into this challenging market will require innovation.
Pamwe Taxi Service, which was launched in August 2017, introduced a new concept in the local public transport industry by offering free Wi-Fi services to clients.
This move seems to have lured clients who are looking for something different.

The Wi-Fi is a free service offered by Pamwe in a bid to improve the transport experience of clients.
Pamwe Taxi Service says it also values the importance of offering friendly customer service with safety-oriented drivers who receive continuous training in areas such as defensive driving, road safety, customer care, emotional intelligence and time management.

The company is a sub branch that falls under Pamwe Transport (a Namibian company that specializes in Taxi Management and Transport Consultancy).
In an interview, Pamwe Transport Manager, Andrea Morelli told The Patriot that the taxi service is also fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers which enables the company and its clients to track vehicle location, with fuel cut capabilities and speed restrictions to 100km/h to ensure safety of its customers.

“The service in addition includes on board digital video recorder (DVR) Camera recording footage within the taxi for review purposes by our support team, first aid kits while the vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis to ensure that customers experience top of the range comfort resulting in a safe and reliable taxi experience” he said.
Morelli explained that, unlike other taxi services, Pamwe Taxi Service features are like no other cab services as its core aim is to bring a different element to the public transport market that can improve the transport industry at the same time.

“We aim to ensure that taxi drivers are viewed as professionals and that they play their part on the roads to reduce the rate of accidents involving taxi drivers. That is one of the reasons that we conduct continuous mandatory training,” said Morelli.
He further highlighted that the cab service operates on stipulated routes and the taxi fare is benched to that prescribed by Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA).
In addition Morelli noted that “the customer feedback has been amazing and expressed gratitude to the Namibian people for their great support thus far.”

Petelina Frans who has praised the taxi service for its good customer service on twitter. She shared her experience with fellow taxi consumers, explaining that the experience was of good standard and that she believes more taxis should be upgraded in this manner.

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