Sunday 20 June 2021
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Let’s cherish the important people in our lives

I have experienced so much loss in my life. At times it was extremely sudden and incredibly unexpected because I never thought it would happen so soon. All of this made me realise how short life actually is and how I wish I cherished these people more when I should have.

This whole experience made me realise how fragile our time is. It’s so sad how we often take the people for granted, who are in our lives. There is a saying that cautions us to value the people around us as we never know the last time we will see them. This is especially true because it is something that we often overlook. We spend a lot of our time chasing dreams and fantasies. We spend a lot of energy chasing society’s model of success. And when we do, sometimes get so engrossed in the chase of society’s standards that we forget to cherish the people who are most important in our lives.

It’s very easy to elbow the important people in our lives in a society where everything is measured by individual standards. But wouldn’t it be ideal to measure our successes by how deep rooted we are and not by the number of branches that we have? Everyone around you has a role to play in your life from relatives, to friends and neighbours. It may be hard to get along with everyone, especially family members but they are a part of our lives. They are a part of our story and regardless of the fights and arguments we need to cherish them.

It’s even sad how some people forget their parents in their pursuit of success and joy. Is it really possible that a person cannot make time to show up for a visit or rather just make a simple phone call to see how your parents are doing? What then do we place atthe forefront of our lives if we do not value those who brought us to life or those who reached out to us in times of our adversity?

Do not get taken up in the pursuit of your success at the expense of the important people in your life because however achieved you are if you have a poor relationship with your family, your success is at best questionable. Of course, money is a great resource but as great as it is, it has its limitations as to what it can and cannot do. Your money may pay for your medication when you fall sick, but it will never comfort you emotionally.

No matter how successful your life may seem, there are important people who God has placed in your life and you must cherish those people. Society’s model of success will get you the respect of strangers but without the love of the important people God has placed in your life it will all feel like emptiness. Stay connected to the important people in your life.

Show them that you care. Show up when they least expect you, reach out for their needs and enjoy the time you have with them. Yes, you might earn the respect of strangers; you might even have a whole lot of people queuing up to be your friend after you succeed, but nothing can replace the important people in your life. Don’t ever forget it.


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