Monday 12 April 2021
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If you don’t, someone will

And then the devil side of me woke up this week just because I’ve been too nice to you for the past week. There I was talking about manhood gone to waste and how my brothers have lowered the pants for sensual favours.

But it’s tough out there and while I do not condone their actions, it’s time people also understand the genesis of our ruthlessness. We were not born like this.

Ever wondered why no guy is comfortable with their young sister dating someone from his circle or a stranger? I wouldn’t be ok with it either, not even in a joke.

Let’s face it guys, we have been round and about to know the sh**** people we are/can be, and as such cannot imagine of another guy doing the same to our sisters. And don’t tell me that some guys are different because we might differ in the way we tender, but the working is the same once approved.

Until women become faithful and make tendering difficult for kwaito boys to get the best of women only to screw, we the nice ones will also just be like them. Blame the women of this kasi who are never satisfied with one comrade. She will cheat on him for one reason or another.

So why should we be the nice ones when all that we think belongs to us is being shared with an unknown? It is easy, people no longer want to sit with needs that cannot be met. As a boyfriend, if you cannot do something for your woman, she will find someone else to do it on your behalf. Brave yourself if she even comes back.

And as a man, you know how many women (in relationships with other men) that you have done things that you are only supposed to do with yours and still they go back to their men. You also know that woman you approach, knowing very well that she has a man and you have a mutual ‘just f****** ’ agreement.

Well, I tell you today, do not feel all guilty just because you are eating what does not belong to you because for sure someone else is also doing it with your woman. Things you do to other women, two or three niggers are doing it to yours.

We all know that what does not belong to you tastes better, especially when you are watching your back because you do not know how long you will be benefitting.

So who the hell do you think you are to be nutting around other people’s women and still have a big head thinking yours is safe?

Let’s put it like this rather, you see what you do to other people’s sisters, we will do the same to yours. In fact, we will do the same to your daughters because going for school kids is now mos cool. And you know what the saddest part is, whether you do it or not, we will still do it.

So whether you cheat on your girlfriend or not, we will pursue her, just like some unknown guy is on my main’s case.

You too can do it – and don’t tell me it’s wrong because you are probably the type being left home and told that she is going out for a ladies night while you babysit your stepson. There is nothing such as a tough lady, jy’s net swak my bra.

I know for sure we all cheat. The only difference is that men are not as good and often get caught and the other coleagues usually know how to do it best – it can only be that good when it’s two cheaters.

A classic example was with my extended person last year. So we are in bed, as a weekly routine, a call comes through her phone and it reads ‘Bubu.’ Since she was in the bathroom to give her mouth a holy smell and fair taste, I call her to attend to her phone since it’s the main man calling.

To my surprise, without zero shame, she takes the phone, gets in bed, places her head on my chest and answers the phone with a ‘Hi boo’. The rest is history. I just laid there watching my breath and waited for her to finish her thing. 20 minutes later it was a ‘bye boo’ and the sessions started again.

So here I was, shocked but not really shocked because I’m equally guilty. Our actions say a lot. Here you are thinking you have a main madam thinking you are all she knows and has, mboli she has an MfK type who works on shifts when you are only in cellphone-reach.

Tell me about men breaking hearts of women and I will insult you and everything you ever bought in your life. I refuse to feel for women because you just never know what they can and will do.

The things women do will humble your thoughts of settling down with one. But then there are the few who we still need to find, the faithfuls.

Otherwise, do your do – because if you do not, someone else will do it for you and on you.

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