Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Fast & the Furious – “Namibian Cab drivers edition”

Most of us have all watched every edition of the action film series The Fast & The Furious. If not well here is a brief description. The movie is basically based on illegal street racing and heists.

Namibian cab drivers are no different from these illegal street races. Those who know and who take cabs on a daily could attest to this.

They all seem to be on one mission and that is to get to their customer’s destination as fast as possible. No worries about how they actually get there as long as they get there and make the money they intend on making.

Whether you arrive in one piece or in pieces that is not the cab drivers problem. You asked to be dropped off but did not state how so you must allow these cab drivers to show you a thing or two that you did not know about driving.

One would be forced to believe that most cab drivers buy their licenses because of the way they jump onto roads when oncoming cars are headed their way. They stop in the middle of the road well aware that they should not stand  there, but they just do it because they feel like they can do whatever they want.

Not so long ago I witnessed a cab driver stopped a few meters away from the traffic lights because he did not want to stop and stand in the sun for those few minutes before the lights were about to change. So he opted to stand in the middle of the road where shade from a tree had reflected, which is definitely something a driver with common sense knows very well not to do.

Perhaps the driving books and schools cab drivers may have attended have a whole different set of information compared to what normal drivers have read and know about driving.

Cab drivers basically endanger the lives of citizens and if you dare comment, they tend to get aggressive and want to fight you. At times  they will even drop you off far from your destination as a lesson for having mixed reviews of their driving.

I for one, am not really surprised by the number of cab drivers that one would find lined up at the magistrates court either waiting to pay for ticket fines or attend court for hearings because of their bad driving.

I am not saying that every Namibian that’s not a cab driver, drives perfectly but at least most try to consider others on the road.

The funny thing about the ridiculous driving of cab drivers is that one would find little to no chance of them bumping after doing the most unheard of driving tricks such as going over pavements.

Like aren’t they concerned about the effects that the driving can have on their cars? Or maybe they enjoy the fact that the owners of the cars they are driving have to fork out so much to get the cars repaired.

To make it worse some work with robbers to try and take belongings from us. A real life movie. In these scenes camera equipment isn’t there to capture it all because believe you me this would probably reach top ratings on movie charts if that were to be the case.

This has been an ongoing issue for so many years and so many people have spoken so much about it yet nothing seems to change, not even one bit.

I believe Namibian cab drivers should do better and consider other drivers on the road.

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