Friday 23 April 2021
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Dear men, You’re not entitled to our acceptance

I really fail to understand why men exaggerate this rejection thing and make it seem so big of a deal. Like I just expressed myself so why the fuss? It’s so funny how they are quick to fly into rages and even end up saying things that you wouldn’t expect from someone who claimed to love you before you rejected their offer. Dude, I mean that’s the romantic casino you chose to roll the dice in. You gambled and lost so no hard feelings there.


Men need to stop this thing of making women feel bad about themselves, because that way they come off like little broken boys, trapped in a man’s body, who find it hard to believe a lady just said no to them. Notifying a woman of a bleak future ahead of her according to your myopic mind won’t even make sense.


Some of you are even disrespectful. You know very well that the woman you are asking out is aware of your so called “Madam Boss” but still you have the guts to approach her with the “I have a girlfriend and I love her but I’d like to keep you as a spare wheel because, you know, you’re not good enough to be my main girl” idea. Jesoos, how in your right mind would you even think it’s okay to walk up to a self-respecting lady and expect her to accept you with that whole statement painted in your face?


Some even take it upon themselves to remind women who rejected them that they are old enough to be in relationships. Goodness, since when do people have age limits of being single? And who said a woman is obliged to be in a relationship by 25? People have choices and being single doesn’t mean she is dying of loneliness or she’s stuck between choices. So please get that right and stop making women feel bad about their choices.


You also need to learn that when a woman rejects you it is not always about you. Sometimes she just wants to focus on her priorities or maybe she’s just tired of relationships that do not work out the way she wants. It could also be that she just got out of a relationship and need some time to sort herself out or she’s tired of being played because you men play too much and some women are not about that life. It’s very ridiculous to catch feelings and throw pity parties over a rejection because you assume that she deems you unworthy.


Getting upset and hating on a woman who rejects you isn’t really going to change her mind bros. So how about you handle rejection with maturity, grace and a nod of understanding because that way you could earn a place in her life. Also, the sun does not shine out of you and the stars can never be aligned in a straight line for you. So please stop being extra when you lose out on your gambles. I challenge you to ask a woman out. Have her say NO thanks. Then smile and laugh along without complaining about her, or hating on her, don’t even over-think it and assume she thinks she’s better than you.


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