Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Dear: Black Parents make time to attend your children’s sports day

As a black child (You) from a black household, sports day would always be a day I bet most would dread to go to, basically because black parents would always send you off on your own.


With no support from them in the form of cheerleaders to cheer you on when you partook in any sport activity somewhat discourages most if not all to perform less than what they were able to.


As a black child you would normally sit on your own among other children in your respective teams whether it was Blue, Green, Yellow, Springbok, Tigers or even Cheetah as some would be called and it would always be sad to watch how the other race of parents would attend sports day to cheer their children on.


Lost in your cloud of thoughts of asking yourself why yours weren’t there like the rest were thoughts that would just send chills of discomfort down anyone’s spine.


Another saddening thing that one would usually notice is how some black children would do exceptionally well in the sport activities they were regarded the best in and not have anyone at the finish line to celebrate with them.


Getting to the end of every sport day would be even worse, as some black children if not all would have to find their own way back home without being picked up. That is not to say that all parents have cars, but for those who do, what’s your excuse?


You would get home and be so upset that they were not there and instead of helping you understand as to why they could not make it, they’ll throw the ‘‘We had to go make the money we use to buy food to feed you.”


As important as that may have made sense to them it would not make sense to a young black child who just wanted their parents to be there.


I get it that some of these parents who would always attend sports day would either be rich off, have their own companies or had a flexible working schedule.


Yes that is indeed true but honestly speaking there are some black parents who may not possess all these attributes but they can however make time but choose just not go to sports day as they regard it as not important enough.


I for one encourage black parents as busy as they may be to find time for their children and attend their sports day. The smile that would appear on their faces and memories would forever be embedded in their hearts and will be something they would want to tell their future children about.


This would also be a trait that they would love to carry on to make sure that enough time is spent together with themselves and their kids to create stronger bonds between parents and children.


As life is extremely so short and unpredictable I also urge black parents to take time out to spend as much time as you can with your children.


It does not cost much to have our biggest cheerleaders on the side-lines pushing us to do better in terms of school activities.


It would always be nice to at least attend one or two sports days in their primary school life careers.
Like the saying goes ‘it’s the little things that count the most’ and this too can be applied in this situation.


Money makes the world go round yes, but do not miss out on the opportunity to watch and spend as much time as you can with your children in areas as sensitive as supporting them on sport days when they need you.

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