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Clean the penis also

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons. It is important for one’s personal, social, health and psychological way of life. A good standard of hygiene also helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odours. While it is important to maintain proper hygiene in all parts of the body, it is also of essence to maintain genital hygiene.


Just like women, men too need to clean their genitals well to avoid unpleasant odour, irritation and infections. It must be a mystery to walk pass by people and leave them reaching for the hills which is why proper hygiene is important. Urologist Hagen Fortsch says that it’s important that men clean their genital parts because it can cause illness on their foreskin, that is if they still have it and obviously because it’s not for urination only. Their partners can be affected if there is a fungus underneath the foreskin. Cleanliness is thus also essential for the sexually active person.


Like any other part of the body the penis, groin and testicles can get dirty too. Considering that genitals produce more sweat than any other parts of the body, they can be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Therefore, according to Dr Hagen, washing the penis should be done at least once a day with bath soap and water.


“As some men grow older there is usually a bit of a dribble after they pass urine which can cause smelliness, fungal infection and narrowing of the foreskin if not wiped off. Therefore, it is important to shake it off properly and that is something that a male should learn from early on in life. Also massage the pipe from behind the testicles to the front to empty out the area completely so that there is very little moisture remaining. It is also important to change underpants daily,” he notes.


It is advisable to wash the penis with water and soap before and after sex to also make it hygienic for one’s partner. It is important to clean away the body fluids off the penis after sex to avoid bacterial growth, especially after they dry. Also pass urine to wash the penis tube after sex because it cannot be easily cleaned with water and in case a man wears a condom during sex, the he has to hold the penis head above the pubis and wash it so that water does not pass from the pubis to the head as this can cause other infections.


When washing the penis, always pay attention so that you do not cause harm to yourself. Dr Hagen advises that men should avoid using too excessive soap which may cause problems especially to people who have allergies. A mild, unscented soap is best suited for cleaning the penis because soaps that contain perfumes and other cleaning agents are harsh on the genitals and can irritate the sensitive skin.


He says that although there are men who put powder on their penises he is not familiar with it and can only imagine that it’s done to absorb moisture. “If the powder is perfumed then there is always a risk of allergy. Therefore it is crucial that the powder is removed on a daily basis as well but it’s not something that is commonly done and there is only one way to solve this which is by the way of circumcision.


“People who are still intact can get a fungus infection underneath the foreskin therefore they must dry it properly after washing,” says Dr Hagen. After cleaning the penis, one should use a soft towel to gently pat dry the area under the foreskin, the shaft of the penis and the scrotum to avoid excess moisture.


A circumcised penis does not require the same level of care as that of an uncircumcised person, because there is no skin that can retain moisture, smells and all kinds of fringe benefits that lead people to circumcise and not only for the reduction of HIV transmission.


“However, the uncircumcised also known as intact penis is the one that is a bit more of a challenge to keep clean. The underneath of the foreskin has moisture, it’s warm, it’s dark and there could also be sugar in the urine which is nutrition for fungus underneath the foreskin. This can cause infections and chronic inflammation, fibrosis, scaring causing the foreskin not to be retracted properly anymore. But having an uncircumcised penis should not be a challenge if you adhere to the basic rules and obviously being careful when engaging in sexual intercourse with somebody that you do not know. Otherwise it’s just that you have to take adequate care to keep the area dry and clean daily,” he emphasized.


An article published by Daily Monitor 24 suggests ways that a man should follow while cleaning the penis:


Wash your hands with soap before touching it
Gently clean it with water and ordinary soap.
Use a special towel for the penis after washing it.
Wash the whole penis, not part of it.


Do not use a bathing sponge because it is more likely to cause injury.
Do not force down an erected penis while washing it. It can cause fracture of the penis.
Do not to use medicated soap because it washes off useful bacteria.


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