Saturday 17 April 2021
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The world of mental optics

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt good about yourself, then you looked in the same mirror the very next day and felt really ugly? Oh well, we all have those days but the truth is you most likely didn’t gain or lose a ton of weight in one day. You’re probably wearing the same size and the only thing that changed could be the way you view your body.

This doesn’t only happen to our body images but it could also be how we perceive the people around us, situations that happen to us and the actions other people take that affect us. All of these things are tinted by whatever glasses life has prescribed for us. Feelings like these require us to really understand the fundamental truth about how we perceive things.

However the way we direct our perceptions determines the world we live in. The way I see the world now is not how I saw it 10 years ago. Where I used to feel like the world was against me, I’m now able to see hardships as lessons making me stronger. Where I used to feel the need to escape emotions, I now see that emotions are normal and what matters is how we deal with them. Where I used to feel ugly, I now realised that everyone is beautiful. Not more or less beautiful, but equally beautiful.

I once read an article on mental optics and how they influence what we see in mirrors, how we feel in our bodies and how we perceive others and their reactions to us. Mental optics are basically the way we perceive the world by the experiences we have had in our lives. But these perceptions also place constrictions on us leading us into depression at times.

When we first encounter a situation we use these glasses to read the situation and that brings about a filtered version of reality. Sometimes the images that we see through these lenses even end up hurting us and so we remain trapped in that hurt. Some images portray that some people are more beautiful than others and some situations are better than others.

But there is a way of escaping these, depending on how we choose to react and respond. This helps us to break free from the negativity spiral and choose the life we want to live in.

In the end, your goal is to feel neutral when reading situations. Our mental optics should allow us to see people authentically, as they are. We need to stop looking at people with tinted glasses based on how they fit a certain mold, because that makes us struggle with push-pull feelings of infatuation and projections surrounding people and situations. In the end they are just living in their own mental projections.

When you do feel excited, happy, or nervous when you see someone, these feelings should come from your personal connection with them and your genuine interest in them, not based on the projections in your mind. That’s when you see someone for who they really are, rather than what you think they are.

Lastly, let us remember that the key to happiness lies in recognizing what holds us back from it. For many of us, that boils down to mental optics and we need to understand that our perceptions are not set in stone.

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