Saturday 17 April 2021
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Respond to your DMs ladies

As a female you’ve probably sat around before wishing for a man to come your way, God then decides to send you a fine looking brother who posses all the qualities you want in someone, my piece of advice to you would be ‘Reply, flourish and live your best life ladies’.

Almost every chance a male gets to directly message you with the cheesiest lines they will. Some will even directly tell you what they want straight up just to cut a long story short because it is in their nature to do so.

So basically in simple terms this is called ‘shooting your shot or sliding into your DMs’ where men basically hit on someone by letting go of their pride because they are interested in a certain female.

This requires skills and a lot of slick thinking that men generally do, which when the outcome is delivered it seems as if effort was not put in, but trust that there actually was.

As confident as he may be it still takes him a lot to cave in, popping up in your social media messages is not an easy task because the risk of rejection, is 50/50 and no one likes rejection so play nice and at least acknowledge the DM.

I’ve heard and seen the best relationship outcomes from just a simple DM, which has led to marriage and some even buying homes to start families together. Nothing is ever that serious to feel like men who message you are thirsty because some actually would love to genuinely make you happy.

Get rid of your playing hard to get tactics because in this day and age, people do not have time to sit around waiting for you to make up your mind, they will definitely go out and find someone else that will be interested in being with them. Don’t sit around ignoring the best possible mind blowing experiences of your life because you feel that men who DM you are not men enough.

This reminds me of a tweet by @Decolonially Queer ‘If only men could slide money into our bank accounts as well and as often as they slide into our DMs’.

The tweet actually got me thinking, because if you look at it in depth, Decolonially queer could actually receive plenty of e-wallet text messages if they (gender neutral person) would just respond to the DM.

The possibilities of going to your dream holiday destinations and much more can actually become a reality for you if you decide to take the leap of faith. Do not turn into the lady that will one day wake up a 30 something year old, wrinkly, lonely, single woman and wonder why.

There is no other way to explain it but the harsh reality of it would be because you did not respond to your potential bae when he had DMd you.

Think about it, have you ever gone to a wedding and a dinner party where you were allowed to bring a plus one with and found some of your girlfriends with no one by their sides or with your other female friends?

That’s because they refused to respond to the DMs as well. However this does not mean you have to respond to all males that do so because some maybe creeps, so do as much research as you can. I trust your ability as women because I know we as a specie all poses the skills of a high ranked FBI agent.So log onto your social media accounts and start responding to all your potentials bae’s up in there.

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