Monday 19 April 2021
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‘Odikwa’ Tops Best-selling Albums

Music is something that will remain popular in the entertainment industry regardless of the format that consumers can buy it in. Namibian music industry is certainly filled with great talent that deserves credit. However, there are certain albums and artists who seem to have won the hearts of their fans.

The top five list of the current best-selling albums at Antonio’s Art include PDKs ‘Odikwa’ followed by Bantu’s ‘Ekhaya’, then Exit’s ‘Cum Laude’, Jomolizo’s ‘Kaandjetu’ and Young T’s ‘Becoming King’ album at number five.

PDK made waves with the release of Odikwa in July and there is no doubt that the sixteen track album is tight knit with songs that tick all the boxes. In the album the trio stayed true to their kwiku roots with most of the tracks.

‘Shiim’ashi’, ‘Reverse’, ‘Ahhh’ and ‘Oshitenya’ are some of the favourite tracks on the project. Every track in Odikwa has everything that makes a great song. The production is amazing and so are the vocals.

Ekhaya is Bantus second album that was released early June. Some of the popular songs from this well-crafted album are ‘Kaboyi’ and ‘Ombibeli’ which have been making waves especially in the northern part of the country.

Ekhaya explores Afro pop, kwaito songs and Namibian House beats that bring flavour to the album.

Cum Laude is Exits latest offering that features some of Namibia’s talented artists such as MJay, Tswazis, Neslow, King Biko and Tequila. The project offers hits that lead to an entertaining journey though upbeat songs. Cum Laude offers epic bass-heavy beats, blended with brilliant prose and Tequila bringing those smooth vocals she’s known for-in ‘This is the life’ track. The album has deep electrifying beats, thanks to the producers for a great soundscape.

Following the well-received release of his hit song ‘Kaandjetu’ which is also the title track of Jomolizo’s debut album it is no doubt that Kaandjetu is listed as one of the current best-selling albums in the country. Kaandjetu is made of traditional and Afro pop music.

“I am grateful for what my music is doing for me and seeing my album in the top selling list, shows that my message is reaching out to my fans,” said the Kaandjetu hitmaker.

In a few days, Jomolizo’s fans will yet be in for a great album titled ‘Epata Lange’ which will be hitting the shelves early next week.

Young T is by no doubt the crooner in the Namibian music industry. His ‘Becoming King’ album is effortlessly infused with an African sound, rap and Hip/Hop.

Favourite tracks from this packed album are ‘Namutenya’ ‘Fikulimwe’ and ‘Levels’. Becoming King is surely a mindful and heartfelt body of work with smooth vocals.

This is the first top ten list of the best-selling albums at Antonio’s Arts and will be produced every month. The owner of Antonio’s Arts, Djokic Dragan famously known as Antonio stated that the top ten list is important as it keeps the public informed about the best-selling albums in the country.

“The market must know what is going on with the selling of CDs, what is there and what is in demand”, he said.

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