Tuesday 11 May 2021
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‘Nels Babies’ creating a welcoming kids’ haven

A child’s room could be home to many laughs, tears, and firsts. It hosts nursery rhymes, late night visits, messes and countless memories to be forever cherished by parents. It is the place where parents spend most of the time with their babies and it is therefore important that a parent turns that blank canvas into a welcoming baby haven.

The idea of nursery design comes with thoughts of the ideal theme, space that will either make a bold statement or a mellow sanctuary and the colours of choice. Whether you are looking to create a serene nursery, a fun playroom, or a beautiful bedroom, there are no rules or limitations when decorating a room for one’s child. However, it takes really good elements to make a child’s nursery safe and welcoming.

Only four months in operation, Nels Babies is Namibia’s only online shop that offers exclusive baby and kids’ bedding and nursery décor. It helps parents create thriving environments for their children by putting together a space that is safe, warm, loving and creative. Beatha Shitemba, the owner of Nels Babies says that her mission is to help mothers create the perfect nursery for their little ones.

Beatha’s idea of owning a babies bedding and nursery décor shop started in 2010 when she had her first child. “It was quite difficult to get bedding or nursery décor that was not a norm. Local shops mostly had generic nursery things like Barbie and cartoon characters. That’s when I realised that there could be a gap in the market especially in Namibia because I don’t think we have any shops that offer the latest trends in the baby industry. That is exactly why I decided to venture into baby and kids bedding business,” she narrates.

Besides the gap which was in the market, Beatha’s idea of venturing into business also came out of passion. “When I did my son’s nursery it was really nice and it was something that I enjoyed doing,” she says.

Nels Babies products
Nels Babies’ products are custom-made according to clients’ specifications, and each item is carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards, using only the best materials. All of the beddings are made with 100% cotton fabric which may be imported or locally made. “We only use 100% cotton to ensure that the babies get the best. Besides, baby skin is very sensitive therefore we use 100% cotton to prevent any skin rash making it very safe for babies.

We also keep abreast with what is happening in the baby industry by using designer fabric. A lot of people don’t know what is happening in the baby industry in terms of nursery décor and we are the only company in Namibia that is keeping abreast with those changes in the baby industry. For instance this year the latest trend in the baby industry is the cloud themed bedding, the other is stripes polka dots and mountains which we still need to make,” explains Beatha.

Nels Babies specializes in baby cot bedding and offers dozens of designed collections as well as the ability to make modifications or even design your own cot bedding. Available in many styles and fabric choices, their cot bedding is made with quality fabric and is constructed with expert craftsmanship.  Whether you are simply matching an existing nursery theme with standard solid colors or creating a modern nursery with a designer cot bedding set as the cornerstone, they have an unmatched selection of quality crib bedding for boy, girl and gender neutral nurseries.

Nels Babies offers kids bedding for growing girls and boys ranging from duvet covers, pillow cases, bed skirts in toddler, twin, full and queen sizes. They also offer decor accessories for baby’s nurseries and children’s bedrooms to coordinate with various linen products. All Soft Furnishing products are manufactured using a vast selection of beautiful fabric designs and each item is lovingly created to compliment the theme and colour scheme of the little one’s room. The essentials include hooded towels, nappy stackers and changing mat covers. The units do not come with instructions however they are very easy to set up.

Beatha concludes that baby nursery decor is more about the experience of being a mother, the thrill of setting it up as well as the value that it adds to a person’s life when they are becoming a mother.

Nels Babies is currently an online shop, however their bedding can be purchased from Baby and Kids Emporium in Klein Windhoek. For more information you can visit their social media pages @nelsbabies or call Beatha at 0813004905.

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