Monday 19 April 2021
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‘NamTwitter’ – a Cyber bullying harbour

Namibian twitter AKA NamTwitter, a group formed for Namibians all over the world to interact with each other in terms of sharing news on current affairs, knowledge, creative ideas, jokes, job opportunities to name but a few has over the years turned in to a place where some of the biggest online bullies are found.

Some tweeps that tweet among others on NamTwitter tend to use twitter for a whole different aim which can be categorised as nothing else but cyber bullying.

As much as there is a lot of support among Namibian tweeps the truth cannot be hidden that there are a few people that feel superior and end up mistreating others online.

Twitter only allows its users to tweet within the limits of 140 characters however a lot can be said in one single tweet that can push anyone to the edge.

Tweeps tend to hide behind their QWERTY keypads, tweeting harmful and hurtful things towards someone else because this is where they feel that they can be big and bold enough to do so.

Online bullying on NamTwitter can be put into various categories and can easily be seen and spotted by those that observe from a mile away. Here are just a few that are common:

Ganging up to bully
This is a favourite on NamTwitter, this happens when the well-known group of tweeps that know each other gang up and bully an inferior tweep. So all the tweeps join hands and bash the inferior tweep who would probably only have one or two people backing them.

You would at times think that these are kids that do these things to one another but to ones surprise these are actually 20 year olds and above that viciously attack someone who is not able to back themselves due to the majority being against them.

Body Shaming
This is the most never ending form of bullying that exists on NamTwitter. It’s either you are called too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall and of recent there was even a battle of who is prettier than the other while looking down on someone else.

Tweeps do not realise that body image is a struggle that people go through, learning to love yourself takes years of work and to have someone who has nothing better to do with their time come and shun down all the years you have put in to make you who you are is damaging to say the least.

Falsifying information about someone
Those who feel way superior tend to give out information about others that is not true, and even if it were to be the case what does it have to do with you?

Each with their own lives, why sit behind your keyboard and make others feel like they are not good enough by creating lies to diminish their character.

Falsifying information about someone can damage a person’s reputation which later leads to people having suicidal thoughts due to information people twist.

Threatening to beat up someone
Tweeps tend to threaten other tweeps about beating them up if ever they were to cross paths.

Most Tweeps do this in order to try and prove a point and get praised for intimidating someone else.

This leads to people not being able to move around with ease because they have to worry about being physically attacked or harassed because of threats made towards them

The Lounge spoke to a tweep who prefers to remain anonymous about how cyber bullying has become very common amongst Namibians.

The said tweep revealed that bullying on NamTwitter normally occurs when tweeps target one tweep by constantly attacking them because of their weight, social status or looks.

“NamTwitter bullies try forcing you to be or live up to their twitter standards, standards that are set by them, for example if you are fat you are considered a pig that needs to start eating healthy and going to the gym”.

The tweep further explained that even though she has never been bullied, she has watched from the side lines.

“Instead of helping the victim at times I would laugh and contribute indirectly to the bullying. I have now realised that it should be stopped because the internet should be a safe place for everyone”.

The anonymous tweep urged NamTwitter bullies to do away with the uncalled for actions as people have their own issues that they already deal with on a daily and do not need to be pushed into a state of depression or suicide.

In addition NamTwitter bullies should remember that as much as they may find all the drama and arguments between themselves funny the truth of the matter is that they are slowly but surely breeding bullying as a whole.

It is until one day that a tweep who is tired and tormented from all the online bullying decides to take their own life that will then be the day when Namibian tweeps will realise that not everyone is built emotionally strong.

Not everyone can handle bashing like others do. Tweeps should do better at respecting other peoples boundaries and if a certain tweep does not like the other tweep then they should learn to avoid the tweep at all costs.

If you are a bully or have noticed you have partaken in any form of bullying, stop and revaluate yourself and the bad habit you have picked up because people do not join twitter looking to be treated badly.

Namibian tweeps have a habit of bringing forth the idea that ‘If you are not strong enough then do not join twitter’ but at the same time forget that people do not join twitter to get harassed nor bullied.

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